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Defense Secretary Gates Isn’t Dumb

Posted on February 6 2010 1:33 pm
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Iran’s game has been going on far too long, but it looks like the West finally isn’t buying it anymore. The regime has announced that they will accept a deal to have a large amount of their uranium shipped out of the country and will receive uranium enriched enough for medical purposes in return. This would theoretically stop Iran from expanding its capacity to enrich uranium to the 90% purity level needed to act as fuel in a nuclear bomb.

Defense Secretary Gates replied to this “breakthrough” by saying,

“The reality is that they have done nothing to reassure the international community that they are prepared to . . . stop their progress toward making a nuclear weapon.”

The German Foreign Minister was even more dismissive, saying,

“If it’s not more than we heard yesterday, then I have to say unfortunately this is not a new transparency.”

Too often the conversation focuses on if Iran will use “the” bomb once it gets it. All indications are that Iran does not intend to build one or even a few nuclear weapons and then go on the war path. The infrastructure Iran is building goes far beyond that. Iran wants the capacity to quickly build a nuclear arsenal and to have that capacity become so vast that no surgical strike can destroy it— leaving the West and Israel with full-fledged war and regime change as the only alternative to recognizing Iran as a nuclear-armed, regional hegemon. And as I’ve written previously, the script to pull this off has already been written. Click here to see exactly how Iran is planning to become a nuclear weapons state and minimize the risks involved.

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