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Who is Pro-Choice? HuffPo Censors Pro-Lifers

Posted on February 5 2010 6:00 am
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Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has never faced defense like this.

A devout Christian, who writes Scripture citations in his eye black, and is an advocate of chastity, Tebow has faced a fair amount of ribbing for his beliefs. But the opposition he received from women’s groups like NOW over the 30 second TV commercial from Focus on the Family featuring his mother must have rocked him back on his heels. Just what happens in that brief commercial which has NOW petitioning CBS to drop the ad? Choice. Pure and simple, The ad is pro-choice, in the true sense of the word.
Tim’s parents were working as Christian missionaries in the Philippines while his mother was expecting him. She contracted an illness for which she was taking antibiotics. Her physician strongly urged her to abort Tim, because it was thought that he would have severe birth defects. Pam Tebow defied her doctor and chose life for her son. And advocates of ‘choice’ can’t handle it. To them, only once choice is valid. Abortion.
For groups like NOW , Women’s Media Center and EMILY’s List (a pro-abortion PAC) to call themselves pro-choice is disingenuous, when they land like vultures upon those women whose choice is life. These groups are working to suppress the commercial, and Gloria Allred is leading the charge. A piece in The Huffington Post; “Tebow Ad may be based on Falsehood“, pulls out all the stops, calling the premise of the commercial a lie, and threatening a lawsuit with the FTC and the FCC if CBS airs the spot. Since abortion under any circumstance was illegal in the Philippines at the time of Pam Tebow’s pregnancy, Allred claims that Pam Tebow’s doctor could not possibly have recommended it.

“The attorney, who has represented a roster of famous clients, claims she will lodge a complaint with the FCC and FTC ‘if this ad airs and fails to disclose that abortions were illegal at the time Ms. Tebow made her choice,’ according to RadarOnline.”

Ms Allred, I think you know that abortion was legal in the US in 1987, and if Mrs Tebow had wanted one, she could have flown home. Flying can be dangerous for unborn babies, but would it have mattered to her if abortion was her intention? Your complaint is nothing but an empty threat seeking a leftist judge. You are intolerant of real women’s choices and of free speech, both of which you claim to represent. What you really want is for your opinion to be the only one tolerated in the mainstream media. I can’t blame you for being upset at this sudden burst of fair-mindedness at CBS,after all, this has been the status quo for so long.

Pro-life groups like Life Site News and Catholic Vote want is for a different point of view to be aired during the Superbowl. They have collected over 70,000 signatures in support of CBS airing the ad. This is not their first attempt to have their voices heard. Last year Catholic Vote’s spot, “Life: Imagine the Potential” was turned down for a Superbowl ad by NBC and CNN. It features a film of a sonogram of an active, unborn baby while the captions described how many obstacles stood in the way of this baby boy’s success in life, then ends with a shot of President Obama whose life they were describing, and the tag line, “life; imagine the potential”. This was considered too controversial for airing. Seems like CBS is more fair minded, or they sense change in the wind.

While the left clings to its lawsuits, those who favor choice will, at last, be heard.

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