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John Edwards’ Confidente is a “Rat-Fink”

Posted on February 5 2010 5:53 pm
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Leg Thrills and Spine Chills With Chris Matthews, Part 6 ♦

A typical pet-peeve of parents: kids that tattle. Not me, I love a tattle-tale. Every family needs at least one good informant. We were lucky enough to have a good ratio, three out of nine.

Granted there are kids that will tattle just for spite, but then there are those kids that just have an acute sense of right and wrong. When the household rules are broken, life has no harmony; justice must prevail. They go to the authority they know.

I’ve met parents, who when their child came running in to report a crime, they scolded the messenger for tattling, and the perpetrator went unpunished.

We are always teaching our children. The lesson learned here: being a rat is far worse than then any crime. That’s a lesson Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball obviously learned early and well. Watch him as he reverts back to his playground bully days.

Andrew Young, author of The Politician must have felt like he was back on the fifth grade playground.


“How long did you work for him [John Edwards] that he thought you were loyal to him but you weren’t?”

(Verbal poke in the chest.)

“How long did you convince him you were a loyalist, but you weren’t, you’d already given up on him morally?”

(Poke, poke.)

“How long did you stay with him, after you stopped being loyal to him?”


“Probably a year. Probably a year…”


“So a year, you were basically an undercover guy, working for a guy who thought you were loyal to him, but you weren’t.”

“So how do you feel about that? Being basically a Rat-fink?”

Like the typical schoolyard bully, thumping on the kid that snitched, there Matthews had no recognition of his own transgressions. (Namely: bringing an author on under the false pretense of discussing his new book, badgering and belittling a guest…)

Obviously, Andrews had committed the worst offense: he ran to the only authority he thought would care—the public. Apparently in the weird world out in left field that makes him a bigger rat than Edwards.

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