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Midnight Snack: 5 Funny Things to Check Out

Posted on February 4 2010 11:54 pm
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One of the new things I’m trying out here at NewsRealBlog is to post the funniest links, articles and videos I get from friends and readers that are remotely related to world issues or politics. If you come across something that you feel should be posted, please email it to me at TDCAnalyst at aol dot com. For now, here are five things that brightened up my day a little bit.

1. Thank you to Bob Hovic at for finding this gem:

2. Outrage from Saudi officials over Akbar Zeb have stopped him from becoming the Pakistani ambassador to that country. His crime? When translated into Arabic, it means “biggest d**k.” If I was President Obama, I’d make him the ambassador to Iran, just so Khamenei gets an idea of the attitude change headed his way.

3. Yeah, that “science fiction thing” called “Avatar.” Watch Vice President Joe Biden forget the name of the year’s biggest movie that he claims to be amazed by and saying he “wished he was seeing it in 3D.” Either Biden was seeing it in 3D and didn’t realize it as virtually every theater offered it in such a format, or he didn’t want to spend the extra five bucks or he didn’t have access to a somewhat modern movie theater. Man, that Vice President job really sucks. Video below:

4. Rush Limbaugh dances to Lady Gaga at the Miss America Pageant:

It may seem ridiculous, but I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to freely admit that I listen to her far more than any heterosexual man should. Hence, as I wrote in a previous post, some of my friends have been calling me “Lady RyRy.” My self-esteem would get lower from that, but I’ve found out that about three of my guy friends are closet fans of her music. I highly suspect that there’s more male grassroots support for her than is realized. It’s really no different than the Tea Party movement if you think about it.

5. A new study finds an unusually large amount of homosexual activity among the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. Y’know, the same Pashtuns that the Taliban have many family ties to. Two lines in the report really stick out:

The study, obtained by Fox News, found that Pashtun men commonly have sex with other men, admire other men physically, have sexual relationships with boys and shun women both socially and sexually — yet they completely reject the label of ‘homosexual’”


“Apparently, according to the report, Pashtun men interpret the Islamic prohibition on homosexuality to mean they cannot ‘love’ another man — but that doesn’t mean they can’t use men for ‘sexual gratification.’”

I’d make some sarcastic remark about this, but I’m too busy starting up my Pashtun male mail order business in San Francisco.

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