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Limbaugh: too subtle for a Schlesinger?

Posted on February 4 2010 12:00 pm
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The boys at the George Soros Steno Pool, a.k.a. Media Matters, evidently don’t care about Donny Deutsch explaining to Larry King that gays don’t watch football.

Which is weird because they haven’t ignored Deutsch’s “controversial” statements in the past.

Anyhow: no surprise that Media Matters is pretending to be scandalized by Rush Limbaugh’s “retard” gags on yesterday’s show.

Now look, this is really NOT that hard, even if you went to college.

Reacting to the “Rahm Emanuel said the R-word” demi-scandal, Rush Limbaugh said:

[Emanuel] was getting mad at them about health care.  The liberal activists kept blaming the White House for all this health care debacle not happening and not getting done.  Emanuel’s getting ticked off out there saying, (paraphrasing) “What are you blaming us for?  We didn’t do anything about it, you F-ing retards.”  I think the big news is the crack-up going on. But our politically correct society is acting like some giant insult’s taken place by calling a bunch of people who are “retards,” “retards.”  I mean these people, these liberal activists are kooks.  They are Looney Tunes.  I’m not going to apologize for it.  I’m just quoting Emanuel.  It’s in the news.  I think the big news is that he’s out there calling Obama’s number one supporters “F-ing retards.”

So now there’s going to be a meeting, there’s going to be a “Retard” Summit at the White House, much like the Beer Summit between Obama and Gates and that cop in Cambridge.

Sensing that not everybody would “get it,” Rush felt obliged to explain:

If you want to look at how this is broken down, Emanuel compares Democrat activists to retarded people, then apologizes to retarded people.  Not to the Democrats.

Normally if you call somebody a retard, you apologize to them for calling them a retard.  But he has apologized to the retarded people for daring to lump them with Democrats.  It’s hilarious.

The sarcasm dripping from Limbaugh’s lips obviously doesn’t translate onto the page. But come on: we’ve all heard stuff like, “I’d call you a pig, but that would be an insult to pigs.” Right?

Look: I was a kid back in the 1970s, when “retarded” was a common schoolyard taunt, along with “gay.” (Hence Sarah Silverman’s Gen-X gag: “When I say ‘gay,’ I just mean it like ‘retarded'”.)

However, nobody ever called the actual whateverthewordisthisweek kids in our school “retarded” or “gimp” or “spaz” (and we sure as heck didn’t know what “gay” was, something the Safe Schools Czar would no doubt find scandalous.) Ever. No way. The insults were always aimed at “normal” kids, and were just a palate cleanser after days on end of calling each other “goof.” These words had no “identity politics” connotations. Those connotations were invented by latter-day do-gooders.

That the three-man Limbaugh Listening Team at Media Matters is a) offended, or b) pretending to be offended by Rush’s comments comes as no surprise. Naturally, they are more offended by Rush’s mockery of an enlightened progressive like Emanuel using a politically incorrect word,  than they were by Emanuel uttering the word in the first place. Again, typical leftist tactics on display.

But I expected more brainpower from a guy whose last name is “Schlesinger.” (Yeah, I know. Stop laughing…)

Speaking of undetectable sarcasm, I really can’t tell if Robert Schlesinger (son of Arthur) is playing stupid here:

Rush Limbaugh, [sic] also came to Rahm’s defense, in his own way…

Schlesinger also uses Sarah Palin as a “Judy” puppet, wondering if she’ll scold Rush for these and other comments.

So: Liberal mainstream journalists are not only pretending they don’t “get” perfectly obvious jokes, but now they’re playing alt-fiction “Barbies” in their “columns”, too:

“Ooooh, what if Sarah said to Rush, ‘Hey, I’m mad at you’ and then he said…?”

This is what passes for serious commentary? Really?

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