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Obama’s “Terrorist Rights Advocate” Nominee for DOJ Post

Posted on February 4 2010 1:11 pm
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If President Obama has his way, Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be joined at the Justice Department by another terrorist rights advocate, Dawn Johnsen. Obama has nominated her to lead the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.   Given her opposition to enhanced interrogation of terrorist suspects, she provides yet another example that the Obama administration still views Islamic terrorists as criminal defendants entitled to full constitutional protections in civil trials, not as unlawful enemy combatants.  As if we needed any more evidence!

The New York Times, unsurprisingly, is upset about what its editorial today called “an unreasonable delay” in getting Dawn Johnsen confirmed:

Majority Leader Harry Reid should do what it takes to get the full Senate to vote promptly and to get her confirmed. A year is far too long for such an important position to go unfilled.

The best way to fill the Office of Legal Counsel position is to withdraw this left-wing ideologue’s nomination and start over.

Johnsen’s ideas verge on insanity.  For example, as director of NARAL (then the National Abortion Rights Action League, since renamed NARAL Pro-Choice America), she equated pregnancy with slavery in a brief filed with the Supreme Court in a landmark abortion case.

Ms. Johnsen was also an ACLU staffer during the late 1980’s, after which she was President Bill Clinton’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General.  Oblivious to the terrorist attacks that occurred during the Clinton administration in which she served, she has since painted George W. Bush as the enemy of our freedoms and has attacked every significant anti-terrorist measure that Bush implemented to keep the country safe after 9/11.

If Johnsen is confirmed, expect more civil trials for captured al Qaeda leaders and operatives.  And expect made-up arguments to twist the Constitution into a charter for enacting what she has called the “progressive agenda,” including “the full range of economic justice issues.”  She is just the sort of progressive radical whom Glenn Beck has been warning about.

With Eric Holder and Dawn Johnsen as leaders at the Department of Justice, terrorist detainees will be tried with all the rights that American citizens possess and will no doubt be entitled to “economic justice” as well under the “progressive agenda.”

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