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Rush Limbaugh or Joy Behar: Spot the Deaf One

Posted on February 3 2010 1:00 pm
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Wow. Just… wow.

How delusional do you have to be, to be considered a “progressive”?

Unlike us mere rubes, progressives don’t trust their own lived experiences, or the evidence of their senses, preferring instead to rely upon lofty “studies” and “experts.”

We right wingers have worn out the “who ya gonna believe: me or your own lyin’ eyes?” meme, mocking the left’s latest fantasy “theory” about “reality.”

But it’s come to this: Joy Behar is hearing things.

Background: in 2001, regular listeners sensed something was wrong with Rush Limbaugh. He seemed scattered and distracted on the air. Rush eventually announced the ironic truth: he’d lost his hearing. He’d done his radio show for two months without being able to hear a thing, cobbling together a “behind the scenes” fix with help from a transcriptionist named Dawn, and his long time call screener, “Snerdly”.

Today, Rush wears a cochlear implant, but still struggles to hear, especially in social situations with lots of ambient noise.

Fast forward to 2010:

Known crazy person and Headline News host Joy Behar insists that Rush Limbaugh was booed when he was introduced as a judge at the Miss America Pageant last Saturday.

So here’s the audio, from non-partisan but mostly knee-jerk liberal

If you can hear booing, I can only assume you are a registered Democrat. I’m pretty sure Rush got the loudest applause, comparable, in fact, to the reception he got on The Jay Leno Show last year. But what do we lowly plebes in the audience know, huh? We don’t possess Behar’s superhero-type sensory abilities.

If I were a TV exec, I’d pull Behar off all her current shows, and run out her contract sending her to look for Bigfoot for the Discovery Channel. I doubt it would get as many viewers as Rush does listeners (20 million and counting) or out-rank this year’s Miss America Pageant in the ratings — but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Out in the woods, poking around for tracks and scat, at least Joy’d have to be quiet for a while.

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