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Liberals Whined About Bush ‘Abuses’ Of Power But Don’t Care About Obama’s

Posted on February 3 2010 8:30 am
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Leftists who moaned and whined and screamed endlessly for eight years (and counting) about the Bush administration supposedly abusing its power and trampling on the Constitution are strangely silent now that their hero Barack Obama is president.

“Where are the people on the left who were screaming about the Patriot Act?” asked Glenn Beck on his TV show. “You were worried about Bush — as was I in the last four years — grabbing and abusing power. You were right; stand by your principles.”

Leftists seem unconcerned that President Obama just unveiled a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2011 and that the deficit is expected to balloon to an unprecedented $1.6 trillion this year. They don’t seem to care that Obama plans to push a second stimulus bill that is doomed to fail just like the other stimulus measures enacted in the last two years.

Beck said Obama promised to

double exports and pass a $100 billion second stimulus package (my bad: “jobs bill”). Brilliant. Why didn’t I think to waive the magic export wand and summon the benevolent jobs fairy? We’re all experiencing the results of the first stimulus and anyone with half a brain can see we don’t have anything to export and even if we did unions and red tape would make it too costly.

Those on the left also seem unconcerned about Obama’s plan to nationalize the student loan industry, “which would complete the cradle-to-grave grip on our education system that’s already loaded with anti-capitalist propaganda, progressive revisionist history and Obama indoctrination.”

They don’t care about the president’s massive financial sector power grab. “With all the bailouts — auto industry, TARP, Wall Street, the stimulus — the government now holds that as a gun over the head of those respective industries to demand ‘reform,'” Beck said. They don’t care that the government is capping salaries and seizing windfall profits.

They also don’t give a farthing’s cuss about the sacred, constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression. The Obama administration has smeared Fox News, labeling it “not a news network,” while a so-called diversity czar at the FCC vows to remove white people from their posts and replace them with minority employees, Beck said.

Sounding like Venezuela’s communist strongman Hugo Chavez, President Obama “tried to intimidate TV pundits as an enemy to reform in the State of the Union address,” Beck said.

The answer from the left: silence.

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