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“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”—Whose Morale-ity Will Win?

Posted on February 3 2010 4:00 pm
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My maternal grandfather and my father both had something to hide. One made it into military service, the other didn’t.

Growing up as a poor boy in the country my grandfather was a crack-shot and, like most in his generation was eager to serve his country. He slipped through the medical exams and the eye tests. In many ways he was an ideal soldier, except one little thing—he was missing his first two fingers.

His sharp shooting skills concealed it on the range, and stuffed gloves did the trick in formation. When he went to sign on the dotted line, it became obvious to the officer witnessing his signature. A childhood accident ended his military career before it began.

My father answered the call of duty without any problem; he served and was discharged honorably, as did most of his generation. He died many years later, as a gay man living openly in the homosexual lifestyle. His violation of military policy was much easier to hide. Both men were good men, willing to serve their country honorably; neither fully met the requirements.

In an obvious attempt to win back his base, Obama, extols his leftist morality with the promise of repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Giving the Left something to fight for and keeping the Right distracted. Eager for a taste of some sort of victory Chris Matthews and his guest on his MSNBC show Hardball, attempts to claim the moral high ground of “honor”  and serving the country,  in defence of open homosexuality in the military.

Matthews asks Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council, if he would acknowledge that “in the history of our country” we have had a significant number of gays in the military.

Not taking the bait, Sprigg answered:

“There are people who have experienced homosexual attractions who have served in the military and do continue to serve in the military. But they are restrained in their behavior by the current policy.”

“If we had a policy where people where considered bigoted if they were opposed to the same sex conduct, there would be much greater danger of misconduct on the part of the homosexuals, and a much greater likelihood that people who would object to that would simply choose to not to serve at all.”

Aubrey Sarvis, of the Sevicemembers’ Legal Defense Network counters:

“…[W]hat this gentleman is suggesting and putting out on the table is insulting to all service members gay and straight. It’s about professionalism. Gay soldiers and sailors are professionals as are their straight counterparts.”

“At the end of the day it’s about professionalism, it’s about getting the mission done. And it’s not about your sexual preference or orentation.”

“The purpose of the military is to defend this country. We need every service member who is qualified to be on active duty today to be defending this country. Their sexual orientation is not a factor.”

Sexual orientation is only a factor if it is made to be one. The military life is not a right, nor is it the same as civilian life. Service men and women accept a code of ethics in both their professional and personal life. The service has its own code of morality. If a soldier can not accept the self-discipline, and moral standard the military has set for itself, then he needs to take his talents and serve his country elsewhere.

The morale of the troops is either strengthened or dismantled by its morality. Whose shall they live and die by?

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