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Was Sarah Palin Snookered Into Endorsing a Stealth Anti-Israel Candidate?

Posted on February 2 2010 5:27 pm
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Rand Paul let the truth of his positions slip to the execrable Truther nutjob Alex Jones.

Previously today NewsReal ran a Point/Counterpoint between Janet Levy and myself regarding Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Rand Paul for Senate.

Janet expressed strong concerns regarding Paul’s foreign policy views and argued that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in reference to Paul’s notorious congressman father.

I pointed out that while Janet’s concerns about Paul’s views were legitimate, it appeared as though he did not foster the anti-Israel impulses of his father.

Well, upon further research into the matter it looks like we have a reason why Rand at least looks different from his Pops.

From the great blogger Sultan Knish who unearths a Rand appearance on the radio show of the conspiracist lunatic Alex Jones:

“You’re basically what I would call a chip off the old block. Your policies are basically identical to your father, correct?”

“I’d say we’d be very very similar. We might present the message sometimes differently.. I think in some ways the message has to be broadened and made more appealing to the entire Republican electorate because you have to win a primary.”

In other words Rand Paul is basically a Paulastinian Alinskyite. He’s going to be much smarter than his Dad at hiding his true views so that he might stand a better chance at achieving positions of power to implement the policies he supports. It’s his way of utilizing the Alinsky tactic of boring from within.

So from my vantage point Palin should not be considered an enemy of Israel because she fell for Rand’s deception. Agree?

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