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Most Media Matters Employees not Really Journalists

Posted on February 2 2010 12:00 pm
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“Anchorman” is not a documentary

Media Matters’ “Rush Limbaugh Wire” is down to one Zachary. But for some reason, it still takes three employees from the George Soros Steno Pool to work the high steel listen to a radio show every afternoon, then type up the host’s “offensive” and “outrageous” statements.

Speaking of employment, here’s Media Matters’ idea of a “gotcha”:

A little later, Rush took a caller who claimed to be a meteorologist and assured Rush that she, too, doesn’t “believe in” man-made global warming. Of course, this means little, since, as the Columbia Journalism Review recently pointed out, “most weathercasters are not really scientists.”

Alas, “that word doesn’t mean what you think it means,” boys. While not all weathermen are meteorologists, it’s also an easily discoverable fact that most meteorologists aren’t weathermen:

About a thousand meteorologists are actively working in the media. The National Weather Service employs approximately 5000 professionals. But many other organizations hire those with meteorological training including engineering and environmental firms, private weather forecasters and consultants and over a dozen federal government agencies. At least 8000 meteorologists are working in the rapidly expanding private sector.

“Actively working.” What a concept. No wonder (non-scientists/non-broadcasters) Zachary & Co. are confused.

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