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Joe Klein Blasts Glenn Beck As A Hatemonger

Posted on February 2 2010 9:17 am
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Times Magazine’s Joe Klein is at it again.  A few months ago he accused the Fox News network of sedition, while also insulting its viewers as too dumb to understand the “truth.” Appearing as a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor” last night, Klein tried to temper his overall criticism of Fox News but launched a vicious personal attack on Glenn Beck.  Klein did everything but call Beck the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

I wonder how many times Joe Klein has actually watched Beck’s show.  Did he see Beck’s well-sourced documentary on communism and fascism that contained clips of the real hatemongers in their own words and deeds?  Did Klein have a single fact to refute Beck’s criticisms of Obama’s lies in the State of the Union address, the run-away deficits, Obama’s left-wing czar appointments, the shady, back-room health care deals, etc. etc.?  No – Klein’s only rebuttal is to dismiss the messenger as a hatemonger.

Shame on Bill O’Reilly for his lame defense of Beck. O’Reilly likens him to the average guy venting his opinions and mocks his blackboards.  O’Reilly is not too happy that Beck is the second most popular TV personality according to one poll.  But O’Reilly did redeem himself somewhat at the end of the interview by quipping that it would take three hours to list all of his criticisms of Time Magazine.

Joe Klein – with whom I share the same name but, fortunately, little else – should get off of his high horse and stop talking down to the American people.  We get what is going on in Washington, and the truth is much closer to what Beck is saying than what Klein and his co-elitists in the mainstream media are telling us.

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