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Acorn Buster Rejects Media Reports on Hannity

Posted on February 2 2010 12:05 am
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Tonight on Hannity, host Sean Hannity interviewed James O’Keefe (known for helping bringing down ACORN).  O’Keefe was recently arrested for pretending to be a phone repairman inside Louisiana Senator Mary Landreiu’s office.  Media reports (not including NewsReal’s blog) reported that O’Keefe was attempting to wiretap her office.  O’Keefe is denying these claims and demanding for the press to correct the story.

“There was no bugging, there was no wiretapping, there was no interfering with phones… A lot of these reporters just flat out, I think slandered me…We are still waiting for corrections from dozens of newspapers…It’s journalism malpractice.” – O’ Keefe

Late last week Rush Limbaugh made a guess that O’Keefe was not attempting wiretapping.  Rush believed O’Keefe was trying to find out why Landreiu’s New Orleans office has been claiming for two weeks their phones weren’t working.  That is now what O’Keefe is saying.

“We wanted to get to the bottom of the claim…that her phones were jammed…  We wanted to verify the reports.” – O’Keefe

Here is pt. 1:

Here is pt. 2

NewsReal will continue to pay attention and report on this developing story.

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