Rhonda Robinson

Wall Street: Free Market or the Next Slaughter House?

Posted on February 1 2010 4:00 pm
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Greed, according to the New Leftist “morality” handbook, is the only sin deserving of the death penalty. Wall Street, they would have us believe, is unrepentant and has demonstrated its depravity repeatedly.  According to Americans United for Change (AUC), now it’s time for the “pigs” on Wall Street to be penned, branded and neutered by congress.

The Huffington Post reports that a new effort is underway to help the White House change its course from Obama Care, and try to redirect the country’s anger elsewhere, preferably at the banks. The AUC, has launched a new commercial, which dangles a “five figure” price tag of its own,  in an attempt to demonizes the big banks. It cites  “greed” as their unforgivable sin and  pins the economy failures and job losses squarely on  Wall Street .

“When big banks went hog wild on Wall Street they left behind one fine mess on Main Street.”

The AUC, a group with ambitions to “contribute to a grass roots groundswell for progressive policies” will air their new commercial on cable news stations in the D.C. area. It’s their tried old strategy of ” isolate, demonize and eliminate” that the public is starting to get weary of.

“Their greed and recklessness left the economy stuck in the mud and over seven million Americans without jobs. But the big banks were first in line at the trough for their taxpayer bailout and back to their old piggish ways in no time.”

“But remember you can put lipstick on a pig. But it is still a pig. Tell Congress it is time to step up and pass President Obama’s plan to hold Wall Street banks accountable.”

While Bush foolishly believed the way to “save capitalism” was violate its principals, the Left has no such goals. They will violate  its principals, with the purpose of leading capitalism to the slaughter house.

And they will do it,  with the pious sounding ideals of eliminating greed from Wall Street.

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