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Tweets of the Day: Sometimes the Material Writes Itself

Posted on February 1 2010 5:19 pm
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The end of last week was pretty quiet in the twitter-verse – SOTU fatigue methinks.  But today, be still my twittery heart!  It was an eye-popping, head slapping, holding my sides groaning kind of a day!

Actual tweets to follow from some of our ‘”faves” like and Harry Reid – tweeters who are reliably absurd.

at 12:00 from npr – nuff said

Obama Unveils Budget With $3.8 Trillion In Spending

12:06 from Move on .org – The Dems have a scary stupid ad approach to the Clean Air Act!!!

Dems against Clean Air Act?! WaPo on our new ad taking on D’s working with GOP to roll back Clean Air Act:

from Harry Reid 1:16 –  Harry waxes philosophical  about Black History Month and isn’t he just EXACTLY the guy you’d want to hear from about that?

have a piece on about Black History Month. Check it out:

from HuffPo at 2:35 – those wacky wall street conventioneers are leaving Vegas for the bright lights of …

Sign Of The Times: Wall Street Group Moves Conference From Las Vegas to Washington, D.C.

and from Ben Nelson at 4:06 – the Nebraskan rides again!

Great news for Omaha VA hospital in newly released budget. Nelson: “I will do whatever I can to see project through”

Ahhhh, the left is back, the left is utterly predictable, and so all is right with the twitter universe.

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