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Media Matters speechless after Limbaugh’s Miss America gig

Posted on February 1 2010 1:00 pm
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Yeah, I did it: I watched the Miss America pageant Saturday night.

My excuse was “it’s my job” — after all, Rush Limbaugh was one of the judges. But I really wanted to pick up some of those cool beauty queen tips, like: spritz hairspray under your arms after you put on deodorant, to keep it from wiping off on your clothes. And did you know there’s something called “butt glue”?

Anyway, as I said: Rush Limbaugh served as a Miss America judge this year and… nothing happened.

As Radio Equalizer notes, Rush ruined the left’s fun by declining to provide them with any politicized, Perez Hilton style gaffs.

OK, so he misused the word “articulation” — but note too that of all the judges, Rush got the loudest cheers when he was introduced.

Some tried to make a big deal out of Limbaugh’s silly dance:

No one cared.

And nobody cared about this funny exchange Rush had with a caller on his Friday show, either:

CALLER:  Hey, I want to know if you’ve experienced the strange phenomenon yet that when a black contestant is on the stage, you “forget” that she’s black.

RUSH:  (laughing) You are not helping. (…) Actually the black contestants are not on the stage for 70 minutes or at least an hour, and it took that long for [Chris] Matthews to realize that he’d forgotten Obama was black.  Which, again, caused a little bit of a stir.  But, no. We’re colorblind here at the Miss America Pageant.

I wish I could source the best video clip of the night, though: during the “behind the scenes” pre-show, TLC’s Clinton Kelly pretended to be a contestant and fielded questions from judges. When Kelly (who co-hosts What Not To Wear) declared that “every woman has a right to be stylish and beautiful,” Rush couldn’t contain himself:

“Wait! Just where do all these imaginary ‘rights’ come from?!”

Meanwhile: here’s something called

22-year-old Caressa Cameron of Fredericksburg, Virginia has become the seventh Black woman in history to be named Miss America.

Her win came as a surprise to some considering that Rush Limbaugh was judging the competition.

Rush and the Miss America Pageant are indeed classy and colorblind, but some other Americans? Not so much.

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