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Beck: Obama Thinks You’re Stupid

Posted on February 1 2010 8:30 am
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Glenn Beck said one conclusion he drew from President Obama‘s State of the Union address was that “the president thinks you are stupid.” In an apparent reference to the defeat of Democrats in the Massachusetts Senate race and in the governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia, Beck said on his TV show:

America sent a clear message to Washington in recent months, and his response wasn’t a message of slowing down, cutting back or listening to the people. What we got last night was, “Keep your mouth shut and fall in line!” or, “I’ll give another speech because you just don’t understand how great my plans really are!”

The president keeps blathering on about the importance of bipartisanship while he acts like one of the most partisan presidents in modern history. His attempted excoriation of Republican House members whom he met with Friday in which he lectured and hectored his adversaries at length only adds to the perception that he is aggressively partisan in his approach to governing. Presumably he did it only to shore up support among the netroots (a.k.a. the nutroots) and the rest of his leftist base because he certainly didn’t win any converts among the GOP politicians assembled.

Obama must be stepping up the pressure in keeping with the teachings of Marxist master agitator Saul Alinsky. “Saul Alinsky said if you are in trouble, that’s when you step on the accelerator,” said Beck.

Moreover, in an unprecented move Obama called out the Supreme Court by name during his address last week. Acting like some chest-beating Latin American caudillo, America’s first Marxist president attempted to intimidate the high court that dared to defy him. Not surprisingly he was interrupted by loudly cheering Democrats who gave him a standing ovation.

Just like Obama, confessed serial liar David Brock (profile of Brock) thinks you’re stupid too.

His left-wing character assassination factory, Media Matters for America, has been caught lying once again. Media Matters uses deception and counts on you not making the effort to read the full quotations it truncates.

The new blog post, Media conservatives falsely claim Obama’s Supreme Court criticism was “unprecedented” is a distortion from start to finish. (Things have a habit of disappearing on the Web so here is a PDF copy of the blog post preserved for posterity.)

In it Media Matters fails to demonstrate its hypothesis, which is that critics of President Obama are incorrect when they say Obama’s calling out of the Supreme Court by name and criticism of it during a State of the Union address was unprecedented.

In fact the evidence that Media Matters presents –past State of the Union addresses from previous presidents– only demonstrates the opposite, namely, that Obama’s actions are indeed unprecedented.

Read my dissection of the Media Matters propaganda here.

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