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MSNBC: Olbermann, Maddow and Matthews Stage a Primetime Obama Love Fest

Posted on January 30 2010 3:52 am
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With the recent victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts, President Obama decided it was time to actually speak to some Republicans, and so he joined the Republican retreat on Friday with cameras rolling.

MSNBC was giddy with the results and changed their prime time lineup to include a special presentation entitled, “President’s Question Time” anchored by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow with Chris Matthews joining in by satellite (see video below from MSNBC).

The effusive praise of the President by Olbermann and Maddow bordered on the type of sycophantic adoration usually reserved for star-struck lovers or cult followers.  In the world of MSNBC the openly ideological Leftist Matthews may have been considered too moderate to join the co-hosts, or perhaps just too crazy. Matthews does have an occasional passing, whimsical dalliance with objectivity, but the tingle remains.

To get a flavor of the love fest here are some quotes about Obama by the hosts of the MSNBC special.

Keith Olbermann:

“Maybe we do have one of say, the one thousandth smartest people in the country is [sic] the President of the United States.”

“They [the Republicans] had 140 players on the field, and the other guy had one, the other team had one guy and they lost to him.”

Rachel Maddow:

“He wins when politics is like this. If I’m a Republican, what I take away from this is don’t let politics be like this ever again.”

Chris Matthews:

“I don’t know anyone else in the country that could have done what the President did today…the ability to out think every one of your challengers…showed me that we do produce probably the best candidate and the best President we can in this system.”

This faith in the American electoral system must be new found for Chris Matthews. Can anyone imagine Matthews saying such a thing about George W. Bush?

Many Conservatives who watched the President’s confrontation with Republican lawmakers came away with a very different feeling. To them the President was professorial and condescending, and he failed to truly answer the questions posed. The bifurcation of opinion regarding President Obama’s performance vividly illustrates the ever-widening chasm that lays between the far Left and the rest of the country.

While the Left was swept off their “collective” feet, the Republicans did score a major victory. They were able to demonstrate in an open forum that they have been offering substantive alternatives to the President’s plans from day one. Perhaps the GOP can now shed the “Party of no” moniker hung around their necks like a millstone by the President and the Democrats in Congress.

Your conclusions about who gained more from the interchange will likely depend upon the prism of your ideology, but one thing is certain – Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews are in awe of their Progressive President, and they are not ashamed to let everyone know. Journalistic integrity be damned. This is love.

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