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Lawyer Roy’s Doin’ His Job: Abdulmutallab “Remains Silent”

Posted on January 30 2010 1:32 am
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OK, OK, I’m not always right, but in this case it was a no-brainer. Fortified by a complete and utter lack of morals and a nonexistent regard for the sufferings of others, Lawyer Roy is putting his entire, um, heart and soul into the defense of his new client, the doltish, malleable, and more than likely disappointed wanna-be terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Why, even National Review Online (The Corner, January 29) is impressed by the Solicitor-as-car-salesman approach that Roy has fashioned over the decades. Although Marc Thiessen is a little upset that the Nigerian student’s defense team (with Roy serving as lead counsel – he hopes to land a book contract) is forcing authorities to crawl rather than race towards a deal, he grudgingly admits to my erstwhile friend’s conference-room negotiating skills:

“The Washington Post reports today that ‘authorities are inching toward an agreement that would secure cooperation from the suspect in the failed Detroit airliner attack.’ Inching is the operative word here. It’s been over a month now that this terrorist has been exercising his ‘right to remain silent.’ Each day that goes by when he does not talk is an outrage.

“The Post adds that ‘public defenders for the Nigerian student are engaged in negotiations that could result in an agreement to share more information and eventually a guilty plea, the sources said. Negotiations could still collapse before the next scheduled court date, in April, the sources said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.’

“April? Negotiations ‘could still collapse’? Are they kidding?”

This of course is what happens when the Obama administration is running the show instead of military operatives, who know much better than civilians how to apply a little elbow grease when the situation calls for it.

Meantime Roy and his sociopathic band of misfits are making hay out of the fact that

“…Obama officials don’t seem to understand…that the intelligence Abdulmutallab has is perishable. He was supposed to be vaporized with the plane when it exploded. As soon as al-Qaeda learned he had survived, they began shutting down e-mail accounts, bank accounts, moving and hiding operatives, and closing the intelligence trails he could lead us down. Every second, every minute, every day he did not talk resulted in lost counterterrorism opportunities. If he starts talking three months from now, that’s not good enough.”

Although I haven’t spoken to him, I’ve been told that Detroit is an ideal city for Roy to navigate in. He’s reportedly taken in a couple of Red Wings games, and has coerced the Federal lackeys assigned to him into driving him to some of his favorite Elmore Leonard backdrops.

Not bad for a guy who would be rolling back odometers right now if he hadn’t lucked into a night torts class at a local college back around 1972. From what I understand, he never did pay those Guaranteed Student Loans back.


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