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Why Does Howard Dean Support a “Racist” Book Store?

Howard Dean is speaking English while autographing his book in the Atticus New Haven book store. More on that later.

When I was attending college in the 60s, I spent one summer on a work exchange program when I was assigned to work in a German factory and live with a German family. I had to learn some degree of the German language rather quickly, as only 2 people in this German business had any command of English: the owner and a lady in the office, neither of whom I saw much. Referencing the dual language dictionary I brought along saved many misunderstandings. I could tell that they also enjoyed my German enunciation errors as I tried desperately to fit in and be accepted. We had our differences, one lonely American among scores of Germans, but not one person ever considered it discriminatory that the owner just let me make it on my own.

America used to be proud of the melting pot stew we created, where all ethnic groups desired to be known as Americans sharing a common language. It worked. We learned. We mingled. We grew. We gave. America was blessed. And gee whiz, the people did it without self appointed community organizing zealots crying discrimination at the drop of a hat.

That was life 40 some years ago. Now nonsense prevails.

The Atticus book store in New Haven is where the employer wants his people to speak only English while on the floor waiting on customers. The “New Haven Workers Association (NHWA), said the group plans to demonstrate Saturday in front of the bookstore. She said the policy is discriminatory.” Saying also that“diversity is a strength of this country.”

Atticus owner Charles Negaro issued a statement saying his business appreciates and accepts all languages and offers free English language classes to employees.

“We encourage the use of English because it’s an appropriate way to be most helpful to our customers,” Negaro said. “To continue to provide the best service possible, we try to help those employees who speak English as a second language by helping them improve their use of English.” Read it all. . .

First of all, the bookstore is privately owned and certainly the owner has the right to set his own rules of employee behavior. Right? It’s his business. He’s not GM and is not able go to the feds to get bailed out. It’s his money at stake, and it’s sink or swim.

A neighboring business owner says “He’s entitled to do what he wants.”

I can’t say it more emphatically, but truck loads of baloney to this discriminatory stuff. These activists take it right out of the playbook of the community organizing ideology. If the discrimination label is not enough, then these off the cliff liberal activists devoid of common sense would say his English only policy is motivated by bigotry. And if that won’t work then they’ll say the owner hates Hispanics. Inventing a cause makes liberals feel so compassionate. It gets those ideologues out of the office. They get to see themselves on the nightly news. They feel important.

But where are the cries of discrimination for the newly immigrated French, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese people who struggle to understand English? Why pick on only the Spanish speaking immigrants? This is insulting to the Hispanic immigrants as the implications of the NHWA is that the Hispanics are not capable of learning English.
Could the motivation of the NHWA protesting against the bookstore be because he’s not unionized? Hmm…

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