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Rachel Maddow: Republicans Chose McDonnell to Give the Republican Rebuttal Because They’re Not Tired of Obama Blaming Bush…Or Something

Posted on January 29 2010 2:20 am
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Admittedly, the GOP’s choice of Bob McDonnell, who had been in office all of 12 days, to give the Republican rebuttal after Obama‘s State of the Union address was rather odd.  I had no idea who he was and I still can’t imagine why the GOP chose him.  It seems like Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, or any popular Republican governor with some experience under his belt would have been a better choice.  But Maddow says that Republicans are ashamed of their past, so they chose the freshest face in the GOP to give the Republican rebuttal.  Why are Republicans supposedly so ashamed of their past?  You guessed it: George W. Bush.

Most Republicans were disappointed with Bush and his ridiculous deficit spending by the end of his second term, hence the tea parties, which began under his administration.  But his legacy has been more than vindicated by Obama’s first year.  In fact, many ardent Democrats have since come to respect and even dearly miss Bush, if only because he was true statesman and a decent human being. (Warning: get the Kleenex ready if you click on that link.)  Shoot, Carter’s legacy has been vindicated by Obama’s first year in office.  This right-wing extremist longs for the Clinton years every time Obama gets a bright idea as to how to destroy our country by committing generational theft and making us less secure.

If the GOP wanted a clean slate they would have had Scott Brown give the rebuttal.  Personally, I think they should have gone with Mike Pence.

The Republican party has a noble history.  It has nothing to be ashamed of except for human foibles, typical political corruption, and failures to adhere to the party’s broader principles.  The Republican party ended slavery.  It gave us civil rights.  It supports our troops and it believes in American exceptionalism.  Bush was a good Republican and a good man.  If anything, the GOP was looking to capture some of that Scott-Brown populist novelty.  That’s my best theory as to why they chose McDonnell.

Republicans are not the party of fairy tales, and by that I mean that they do not have to fabricate history in order to appear defensible.  Democrats are the ones who try to blot out their history of racism, genocide, anti-Semitism, collusion with the Nazis, and slaveryDemocrats are the ones who lie to their children and tell them that Democrats ended slavery, gave us civil rights, and stood up to the Nazis (and not just because they started messing with Stalin’s precious commies, either; they really, really intended to deal with them for years before that), and who go so far as to take over the process of educating children, lest they actually pick up a book and learn the truth.  Even if Republicans wanted to rewrite history, they would never manage to get around to it, what with the constant Democrat lies to rebut.

In fact, Rachel Maddow’s little theory is yet another example of the left trying to rewrite history in their favor, in this case, by making George W. Bush out to be a terrible president, which he simply was not.

I am proud of George W. Bush, and not because I am a Republican (I’m really not), but because I am an American.  I am proud that for 8 years we had a president whom our enemies feared and on whom our allies could depend.  I love that al-Qaeda blew up our buildings, so he blew up their country with the help of its own people.  I love his tax rebates.  I love that he cut funding for abortion overseas.  I love that he was the most pro-Israel president we ever had.  I love that he’s from Texas and he clears brush on his ranch.  I love that his daughter told off the Taliban.  I love the George W. Bush Institute and everything they do.  I love that he and Laura quietly visited Fort Hood after the jihad attack, not for media attention, but because it was the right thing to do.  I love that he brought democracy, however imperfect, to Iraq, which served to empower Iran’s brave dissidents, whom he still actively supports.  I think most Americans feel the same way.

The GOP’s choice of McDonnell is indeed baffling, but Rachel Maddow is on the moon with her nonsensical theory.

Watch and wonder:

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