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Controversial Super Bowl Ad—O’Reilly asks, “Are You Offended Tim Tebow is Alive?”

Posted on January 29 2010 4:01 pm
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When your child is handed a death sentence by a doctor and the family is forced to make decisions about the future, without the help of a crystal ball, nothing is more personal or traumatic.

Several years ago I received a phone call from my close friend Julie, who was in just such a position. She was heart broken, sobbing and desperate. Through tears she explained how she had just returned from a doctor’s appointment. The doctor informed Julie that her baby had Trisomy 13, a defect that would leave the baby so badly deformed he would not survive birth, and if he did, he would not live but a few hours longer. The financial and emotional toll on the family, he warned,  would be devastating. There was obviously only one answer: abort the baby as soon as possible.

Due to the “complication” of being a few months into the pregnancy, the doctor offered to take Julie out of state to have the abortion.

Tim Tebow, a Quarterback for the University of Florida and his mother, have their own story to tell, and they want to tell it on Super Bowl Sunday. Although no one has  seen the ad, opponents are saying it threatens the reproductive rights of American women.

Bill O’Reilly had Jehmu Greene, President of the Women’s Media Center on The O’Reilly Factor to defend the  “choice” of abortion which, she saw as clearly being threatened by the upcoming Super Bowl ad.

I say, the ad will shed new light on what it means to have the right to “choose.”

As I understand it, Mrs. Tebow was in the Philippines, and my friend Julie was here in the states. Nevertheless, both faced a crisis, and their doctors’ advice was to abort their sons; both chose not to listen to their advice and both were blessed with children who survived and are healthy today.

But that is not the message of choice, Jehmu Greene President of the Women’s Media Center wants American women to hear.


“Well, I can’t imagine the decision that the Tebows had to face when given the news about the pregnancy. And I think it’s that very choice that Pam Tebow was allowed to make about her reproductive health decisions that this ad is trying to take away for all American women. “This is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to undermine a women’s right to make decisions about her reproductive health decisions.”


“Why would it do that though? If it’s a positive ad that I made my choice and it was the right choice and I’m happy we made the choice and Tim obviously is happy, why is that trying to take anything away from anybody? It’s a positive statement.”


“This is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to undermine a woman’s right to…”




“…make decisions about her reproductive decisions.”

Women know about their “reproductive choices” are. Thanks to groups like Planned Parenthood, an adolescent can’t get through school without hearing about the benefits of abortion.


“Are you offended that Tim Tebow is alive?”

Not surprisingly, Ms. Greene didn’t answer, but changed the subject. Of course, she is. It’s just not acceptable to say so out loud.

The real message of choice, is one that  Ms. Greene will never tell us, and obviously wants  silenced. But it’s the one that women and families in crisis, like my friend, and the Tebows rarely hear; the stories and triumphs of those who exercised their freedom to choose life, and to reject the doctor’s advice–come what may.

As a former product of an unwanted pregnancy, and the mother of six young women, that’s a choice I believe American women need to know they have–and hear more about

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