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Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox was wary and angry

Posted on January 28 2010 12:06 am
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Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox: “I think he’s [meaning Obama] mediocre and delusional,” “He’s the best conservationist in America because he keeps re-cycling his campaign promises.” There were a few who thought Obama was inspirational and doing the best with the circumstances he inherited — this seemed to divide along racial lines with the black panelists keeping hope alive. However, the complaints on the disconnect between Obama’s rhetoric and his actions dominated. Only one of member of the panel thinks the recession is over.

“He promised earmark reform. He signed the biggest pork-laden bill, $700, $800 billion in new pork.”

“He hasn’t kept any of his campaign promises, so because of that, the words that he said, some of them were encouraging, but they ring hollow to me.”

Luntz pointed out that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is paid $223,000 per year, but the top U.S. general in America who runs the war gets $179,000 per year. Luntz then reminded the group that Obama said we should support the military and asked whether the general deserved to earn more than the Speaker of the House. Everyone said “yes.”

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