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Obama’s State of the Union: Swemson’s Subtitles 12

Posted on January 27 2010 10:28 pm
I'm an Objectivist, a disciple of Ayn Rand since I was 15. Graduate of NBI (Nathaniel Branden Institute) 1964 I was a philosophy major @ NYU & dropped out to join the Marine Corps Served as a Combat Photographer in late 60's I've been writing for over 20 years.
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“Swemson’s Subtitles” are intended to function as a truth filter offering a translation of what Obama’s words really mean, what he really believes, & what he’s really planning to do for to us and our country. Those who disagree with these translations are encouraged to comment, and offer their own interpretation of what he was really saying.

Obama just said:

“but even if you disagree with the overwhealming evidence in support of climate change,

Laughter & chuckles from the audience on the “right” side of the room

it’s still necessary for America to lead the world in the creation of clean energy solutions”

Swemson’s Subtitle:

“Yeah.. Yeah.. I know the global warming crap was a pack of lies, but we should invest the money in solar, clean coal, & other meaningless technologies anyway, so I can keep my liberal pals in the fold and insure that they continue to support me…”

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