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Obama SOTU — G.O.P. response

Posted on January 27 2010 10:47 pm
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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonell is giving the G.O.P. response from the Virginia State Capitol (paraphrased):

Taxes and regulations should be cut to promote the climate for creating more jobs and more opportunities. We can’t keep up this rate of government spending. We must restore the proper, limited level of government at every level. Most Americans do not want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the government. We need to let people buy health insurance across state lines. We need tort reform. See Virginia can become the first state on the East Coast to explore for and produce oil and gas offshore. Now is the time to adopt energy policies that create jobs and lower energy prices.

You need a good education to get a good job. A child’s educational opportunities should be determined by her intellect and ambition, not her Zip code.

(Cool — his daughter is a sergeant and served in Iraq.)

A foreign terror suspect was given the same rights as an American citizen. We should be using our tax dollars to defeat terrorists, not defend them.

We can’t guarantee equality of outcome, but we can guarantee equality of opportunity. Over-regulating employers won’t create more jobs. Top-down decision-making strangles progress. The government that is closest to the people governs best. No government program can do better than volunteer programs. (He thanks the volunteers helping Haiti.)

America must always be a land where liberty and property are always protected. Opportunities must be open to everyone. God bless this great land of America.

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