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HuffPo: They Stole Our Message, Used it Against Us

Posted on January 27 2010 4:00 pm
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As hope trickles out of the “Progressive Movement” their anticipation of tonight’s State of the Union has been marinating in fear. The Left desperately wants Obama to see the error of his ways and return to his roots, but deep down, they are realizing he’s really just another Chicago politician, and tonight they’re afraid he’ll prove it.

At the same time, Democrats are more concerned about fixing their own crisis. Celinda Lake, a Democratic Pollster for the Coakley campaign has joined the chorus of  Huffington Post bloggers offering Obama their advice on tonight’s address.

Drawing from the lessons she learned from the beating in Massachusetts, Lake says Scott Brown won on the democrat’s message of change–and they want it back.

Brown’s advice to Obama,

“It’s the economy, moron!”

True, but Obama has redefined “change” and they’re not getting it.


“Scott Brown won on our message and it is time to take it back. In 2008, people voted for change. They did the same thing in mayoral and gubernatorial elections in 2009 and in Massachusetts in 2010… By a margin of 47% to 32%, they felt they had accomplished too little. We need to deliver on the change we promised.”

Full speed ahead! That’s the ticket. While the Left is sure that Obama is losing his base because he has failed to deliver on the public option, closing Gitmo, the war in Afghanistan and Cap and Trade, the Democrats are sure they are pushing them over a cliff with the public option, closing Gitmo, the war in Afghanistan and Cap and Trade.

Lake concludes with a warning:

“Finally, angry voters are motivated, complacent and frustrated voters are not. To motivate our base and swing the independents we need to seize back and deliver on the change that won our elections in 2008. In 2010, voters will vote for change. We can produce the change or be the victims of it.”

Only the far left elected Obama on his radical agenda. The change perceived and anticipated by the general American public was aimed at a “transparent” government. Obama’s real problem is that he has failed on every level of his supporter’s expectations for change.

It’s too late. It doesn’t matter what he says tonight. Obama’s attempts at socializing America has brought about the change America has sorely needed; he shook the complacency out of people who love America for who she is, not what they can make her into– the very people who are willing to defend her.

Thanks for the change Berry, I think we can use it.

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