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Gov. Palin et al. on Obama’s SOTU

Posted on January 27 2010 11:07 pm
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On Fox with Greta van Susteren:

Karl Rove was struck by the tone, “he used the word ‘I’ 96 times.” He also notes the speech had a lot of “internal confusion”: we’ll cut spending, but have new programs where we spend more.

Surprise: Joe Trippi, Democratic strategist, thinks Obama “pivoted.”

Gov. Palin: “I think there was quite a bit of lecturing, not leading, as opposed to Gov. McDonnell’s remarks. He and the Democrats have been in charge for a year — he could have implemented these commonsense reforms all along.”

Charles Krauthammer says he’s amazed at how little Obama’s agenda has changed and calls it a tribute to Obama’s “tenacity or stubbornness.”

It’s both, Dr. Krauthammer — that capitalism just won’t kill itself.

Steve Hayes: “I thought it was a tone-dear speech. There are huge contradictions built into what he’s been saying. The rhetoric needs to match his actions.”

Note to Steve Hayes: The actions and rhetoric/promises of sociopaths very seldom match up. This is why all of Obama’s promises has expiration dates.

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