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TOTUS: You Thought It Was A Crutch, But It’s Really A Blankie

Posted on January 26 2010 10:55 pm
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President Obama has taken a lot of ribbing over his use of a teleprompter. But it’s fair game. Come on, he used one at a rodeo and took 12 with him to Europe. No really! He needs the security  of TOTUS so frequently that just when you thought it was a crutch, you realize it’s his blankie.

Just last week he was caught using teleprompters to speak to 6th graders. What could be more embarrassing? How about being filmed using TOTUS to speak to a dozen people at a meeting. Don’t believe me? Count the people in attendace in this video (HT to Curt at Flopping Aces.)

TOTUS has become so famous he has his own blog and twitter account!

Surely the former President of the Hardvard Law Review is capable of handling a few unscripted moments, but it appears Obama is unprepared to speak in any environment where questions might be asked. One has to wonder how out of control his handlers must feel the President is if he has to carry a security blanket everywhere he goes.

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