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It’s Official: Obama Most Polarizing First-Year President in History!

Posted on January 26 2010 5:32 pm
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Remember how Barack Obama broke onto the national scene?  He gave a speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention about an America where there is no longer red state or blue state.  He talked about an America where we all come together.

Uh, President Obama, when is that going to start?

Yesterday the good folks at Gallup Poll released statistics showing that Obama has proven himself to be the most polarizing first year President in recorded history (records start Post WWII.)  More than W?  Yes.  More than Nixon?  Yep.  More than even Reagan? Oh yeah.

Check out the graph for proof:

Gallup looked at the first year numbers of President’s approval ratings (averaged out) and how they differed depending on the party affiliation of the person giving the rating.  The greatest difference of any President (since they started polling these numbers under Eisenhower) is President Obama.  Obama’s approval rating among Democrats after one year in office stood at 88%.  His approval rating by Republicans was a dismal 23%.  That is a 65% difference.  No other President came close to that level of polarization of the American people in their first year in office.

To make matters worse, those numbers are an average based on the entire first year of Obama’s presidency.  What are the latest numbers?  Democrats currently give Obama an 82% approval rating while Republicans give him an 18% approval rating.  While the polarization factor hasn’t really changed, the President’s approval ratings from both sides of the political spectrum continue to plummet.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs tried to dismiss these figures having any value.

“I think we live in a divided country.  Washington has been a polarizing place for quite some time.” – Robert Gibbs

Well Mr. Gibbs, the problem is Washingon DC does not a country make.  The poll is a national poll.  Or do you mean that although voters sent Obama to change Washington, Washington has actually changed Obama?

The truth is Obama is a polarizing figure.  It’s not because, as some will surely say, Republicans are mean or racist and therefore don’t like him.  It’s not because Obama is such a great guy that Democrats love him.

The nation is polarized because there are two opposing views in America.  Either our country will attempt to keep our roots as a free enterprise system based on small government. Or we will continue a march toward socialism.  That trend to the left began a century ago with people like Eugene V. Debs, was boosted forward by the policies of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, and is now being forced upon the American people by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

President Obama is polarizing because he wants to fundamentally change America.  One party is happy about that, and the rest of us are praying he is stopped.

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