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Anti-Semitism Chic: Oliver Stone and Hitler’s Bankers

Posted on January 26 2010 6:10 pm
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Hitler could never have become the ruler of Germany or have murdered six million European Jews without help. He needed like-minded supporters, he needed money, and he needed willing accomplices to obey orders. But far more than these, Hitler needed that without which no genocide can ever succeed, he needed by-standers, people of conscience whose moral outrage at the destruction of their neighbors was rivaled only by their reluctance to jeopardize self-interest in order to oppose the evil about them.

The road to the Holocaust was smoothed by people who excused Hitler’s anti-Semitism, who attenuated the significance of his threats, and who denied his continuously stated intention to rid Europe of its Jewish population.

On January 12, NewsReal Blog reported that Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone, is directing a Discovery Chanel documentary series in which he plans to “place Hitler in Context.”

On January 25, while speaking to an audience in Bangkok about his revision of Hitler, Stone gave an obligatory nod to historical veracity:

“Hitler is a monster. There is no question. I have no empathy for Hitler at all. He was a crazy psychopath.”

Stating the obvious could only be a preamble for his promised exculpation of “the crazy psychopath:”

“But like Frankenstein was a monster, there was a Dr. Frankenstein. He is a product of his era.”

And who or what, precisely, constitutes Dr. Frankenstein for Stone?

“Adolf Hitler was aided in his rise to power by western bankers who appreciated his tough line on communist agitators and worker power.”

This is dangerously reminiscent of the “Jewish Banking Conspiracy Theories,” all of which propagate the myth that Hitler was financed with money from Jewish Zionists in America. This and similar plots are contained in the fraudulent “Protocols of Zion,” the writings of the “Historical Revisionists,” and radicalized Muslims.

Yehuda Bauer, speaking of Anne Frank, spoke these amazing words:

“Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Thou shalt not be a victim. And thou shalt never, but never be a by-stander.”

Oliver Stone only retains credibility because he is unopposed. Who among his peers will stand up to him? Where is Steven Spielberg, who has dedicated his talent and resources to recording the testimony of Holocaust Survivors for posterity? What about Winona Ryder, whose Russian relatives perished in the Holocaust? What an effect it would have if Adrien Brody, who won his own first Academy Award for his portrayal of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a polish pianist whose entire family perished in Auschwitz, would speak out against Stone’s political agenda. Perhaps a lowly intern, hired to fetch coffee and extension cords will decide that participating in the rehabilitation of Hitler is too high a price to pay for the “privilege” of collaborating with Oliver Stone.

“Anti-Semitism chic” is on the rise. This consists of questioning the War and the Holocaust, including Hitler’s personal, rational choice of evil, and making insinuations concerning the role the Jewish people played in the war. Stone’s documentary is one example of this, and the complicity of the Discovery Chanel facilitates the social acceptability of this destructive trend.
Being well educated in the various forms under which “the new anti-Semitism” is packaged is the first step to actively fighting it, instead of looking away while this deadly prejudice becomes tolerable.

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