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“Married to the Mob” Jihadi Edition

Posted on January 26 2010 6:00 am
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Saudi Arabia finds another reprehensible way to abuse its women

How sweet— an Ivy League author is seriously intrigued with the notion that government-sponsored matchmaking may diminish the recidivism rate of Muslim terrorists. Harvard lecturer Jessica Stern chatted with Michelle Martin at National Public Radio (NPR) and stressed that victimization and alienation are the predominant factors that drive terrorists—much like inner city gangs in the United States. What they need, it seems, is a little career counseling and a wife.

Stern, the author of Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill, and fellow guest on the program, Lorenzo Vidino, author of Al-Qaeda In Europe: The New Battleground of Jihad highlighted the purported success of various programs geared towards both the well-educated Muslim militants and those lonely fellows who “fell in with the wrong crowd.” Stern comments:

I think the programs on terrorism prevention that are underway in a number of European countries are really very interesting, and actually not that different from some of the anti-gang programs that we see in some cities in the United States. There’s also a very comprehensive, kind of holistic experiment underway in Saudi Arabia to de-radicalize terrorists who have been convicted of crimes, and when they finish their sentence, the Saudi government – the Interior Ministry – wants to help reduce the chance that they will return to terrorism. And they have a very comprehensive effort, which interestingly involves career counseling and, believe it or not, finding the terrorists wives, if they’re unmarried [bold added].

Oh, so some were married already and still engaged in “the struggle?” Regardless, no girl in her right mind dreams of meeting Prince Charming at the exit ramp of a local prison, but lest we forget, the choice of a husband has nothing to do with her—a Muslim girl is literally given away according to her father’s whim.  Furthermore, even in a modern Islamic marriage, the woman has little voice, little influence, and no decision-making capacity whatsoever. Since the Saudis’ claim to be spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on this program, we must assume that a good portion of that money has ended up in the pockets of family members who can now sell their daughters to be belly warmers for alienated radicals. And with the widespread acceptance of child brides, would the government shrink from providing under-aged females to these lonely men?

Given the parameters of the Wahhabi view of Islam—which is harder on women even than all the other misogynistic forms of Islam, and which cannot even trust women to drive cars—who could honestly think that such women could change these men’s view of the infidel? And moreover, why does a sophisticated western woman sound almost giddy over this novel utilitarian twist to marriage?

Doesn’t this run counter to the feminist view of the dignity of women? Where, pray tell, are those cutting-edge voices who’ve explained for decades the very oppressive foundations of marriage? Deafening silence, as usual—not to mention curious, coming from a news organization who has colluded with troubling Islamic groups in the past.

“Globally, Nations Grapple with Deradicalization” (January 21st, 2010, NPR)

“Five Myths About Who Becomes a Terrorist” (January 10th, 2010, Washington Post)

NPR has actively colluded with CAIR and other radical Islamic groups. (FrontPage Magazine)

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