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“Hey, Let’s Purify the Party from Party Purification. NOH8, haters!” Says Meghan McCain.

Posted on January 25 2010 3:05 pm
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Ms. McCain:  talk to me about how “creepy” ideological purity is when you wipe that dogmatic “NOH8” kiddie paint off your face.  Your intellectual inconsistency is showing and it’s definitely not as cute as that airbrushed pap you’re so proud of.

In her current piece for The Daily Beast, she opines the latest in her ongoing struggle as a unique and delicate snowflake amidst the ravenous barbarians of the GOPsorry.  She details her latest tiff with the party as one College Republican group at George Washington University renounced their endorsement of her speech on behalf of homosexual marriage.  According to McCain, the official statement was:

“Ms. McCain’s views on marriage equality align with neither the Republican Party nor her father’s personal stance. Though we fully supported John McCain’s candidacy for president, we feel that Meghan McCain’s last name is not near as important as the message she advocates.”

To which she followed:

And let’s call a spade a spade here—this is about marriage equality. I would have been less insulted if the George Washington College Republicans had simply come out and said that.

Er…they did, Megs.

You want to talk party reform?  Fine.  So do I.  But please stop whining about Republican groups misunderstanding you when you co opt euphemistic, leftist propaganda.  Those aren’t your friends, either, Meghan.  They will toss you to the wolves the minute you actually stand for something that doesn’t align with their morality du jour.  Or, didn’t you know that leftist ideology is a closed system bent on total assimilation?   There’s no “you” in the borg, you know.   But, wait, that’s just the Republican party, right?

Michelle Malkin has more on the real victims of Prop 8.

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