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NPR: Mass. Revolt and Obama’s Agenda

Posted on January 24 2010 8:00 am
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The January 20 broadcast of NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook has a very obvious double meaning: Massachusetts Revolt and Mass Revolt.  NPR is soooooo clever.  Good to know that my tax dollars are not being wasted.

So, does NPR consider the election of ostensibly conservative Republican Scott Brown to the Senate seat owned (as in “bought and paid for”) by Ted Kennedy and the democrat machine in Massachusetts for the past 50 years to be primarily a local phenomenon (i.e., “It was Democrat challenger Martha Coakley’s fault”), or was it a national referendum on both the content and the manner in which the legislative agenda was so aggressively pursued by Obama and the Democrat majority over the past year?

Ashbrook asked Monica Brady-Myerov, a NPR reporter for WBUR Boston,

“What happened here?”

Well, that’s it then.  The Democrats think it was all Coakley’s fault.  Another Democrat gets thrown under the Obama bus.  It sure is getting crowded under there.

Ashbrook:  “Martha Coakley, Democrat Attorney General in the state, looked as though, for a long time during the short campaign period that she would swan straight into it…What was it – 53 to 47?”

Coakley “went down in flames” alright, but it really was not much of a surprise to anyone who was paying attention.  Brown had been leading in the polls since mid-January.  What  Brady-Myerov was really saying was that she and her leftist friends that comprise the echo chamber that is the establishment media today were shocked that Brown won by such a wide margin.  Leftist conventional wisdom was completely ripped apart with the election of Scott Brown.  Massachusetts was supposed to be a Democrat stronghold, a safe and reliable vote.  Why, everyone knew that Brown and Coakley were competing for Ted Kennedy’s seat.  It was Ted Kennedy’s seat, for heaven’s sake.  Did I mention it was Ted Kennedy’s seat?

Ashbrook:  “Monica, what is the country going to get to know as they get to know Scott Brown?  A lot of his support came in from around the country, from Republicans, from Tea Party movement members elsewhere, but what kind of guy is this, what kind of politician?”

The assertion that Brown was a conservative masquerading as a moderate is ridiculous.  Brown openly campaigned against Obamacare and vowed to be the 41st vote in the Senate to defeat it.

The establishment media are trying to come to terms with what happened in Massachusetts.  It will take time because leftists tend not to accept the world as it is and filter objective reality through a filter of assumptions, half-truths, and preconceived notions that support their worldview.

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