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The Left’s Hypocrisy Once Again Exposed

by Eric Alterman

Not a lot of people are feeling sorry for John Edwards today. Let me see if I can muster up a case. Yes, Edwards cheated on his wife who had cancer at the time. Yes, he lied about it when he was caught. Yes, he lied about it again when she was found to be pregnant and had the child. And yes, he lied one more time after being caught by a tabloid photographer with said woman and the child he sired. And oh, he paid a loyal staffer to pretend that he was the dad, too, thereby ensnaring yet another innocent in his web of lies.

Thing is, if adultery is going to happen, then lying is a given. It’s the rare marriage that allows one partner to enjoy sex outside of marriage without doing one’s spouse the favor of lying about it. Cheating and lying: They go together like, well, love and marriage.

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