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More News Sites Cluelessly Comment on Newsreal’s Air America Blog

Posted on January 23 2010 8:41 pm
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Thanks to Time Magazine’s faulty article on my NewsReal blog about Air America’s collapse, other news sites have jumped on board.  It is clear from reading them that all they did was pull my quote out of the Time article and never actually read for themselves what I wrote.  That is thanks, in part, to Time not doing the germane task of simply providing a link to my blog in their article. referred to the Time piece (with a link to it by the way) and then wrote:

“It hasn’t taken conservatives long to respond with glee, such as this quote from Paul Cooper on David Horowitz’s Newsreal website: “The passing of Air America is another reminder that our nation is center right.” It’s a perplexingly non-tautological statement; one expects that one might get a little nervous if Cooper were to offer driving directions.” -MinnPost

Okay, I admit it, I had to look up what “non-tautological” meant (it means untrue statement) when I read that .  Who uses words like that?  The liberal elitist tone reeks from his brief statement about my article.

The author of that piece is Max “Bunny” Sparber, whose credentials for political writing are being formerly homeless, working at a video rental store, writing some plays, and eventually being involved with pro-anarchy groups.  No wonder he fails to actually read my whole blog before criticizing it.  Sparber simply lifted my quote from reading Time’s arguments against me, which I have since shown how weak their expostulations (I can use big words too) are.

Sparber offers no reason why my statement is untrue, and then tries to make a joke about how bad of directions “one might get” from me.  Clever Max.  I guess if I hung out with anarchists I might think we weren’t a center right nation either.

Another news site that picked up Time’s poor comments on  my blog was UK’s left-leaning paper The Independent.

“The passing of Air America is another reminder that our nation is centre-right and the ideas of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will never take root in this great country,” Paul Cooper, a conservative pundit asserted on NewsReal.  Given how far down the ratings pole Air America had slipped, this may be overstating the impact of its collapse. And it is not true that without Air America, the citizens of the US are bereft of liberal voices on the radio dial.” – The Independent

The Independent would do well to read my blog that responds to Time magazine (and my original blog on the topic for that matter).  The Independent thinks I’m saying that Air America didn’t successfully shape policy, and now there are no other liberals are on “the radio dial”  to attempt that task.  My blog never addressed that topic.  My actual point was that Air America’s low ratings obviously came from no one wanting to listen to them.  And no one wanted to listen to them, because the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with their left wing views.

Is that such an absurd argument?  We know from polling that America is a center right country.  In a 2009 Gallup Poll, twice as many Americans said they considered themselves “conservative” than those who consider themselves “liberal”.  The actual number were 40% to 21%.

Is it any wonder why Air America failed and Rush, Hannity, and Levin march on to higher and higher ratings?  It’s not rocket science.  I guess many in the mainstream media have never taken a basic statistics course.  They were too busy criticizing they writings of others they failed to even read.

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