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Biden In Iraq To Referee New Outbreak In Same Old Sunni-Shiite War

Posted on January 23 2010 2:00 pm
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Here’s a real laugher. President Obama has dispatched his trusty VP. Joe Biden to Iraq to referee a peace settlement between warring Sunni-Shiite Muslims.  Good luck with that, Mr. VP.  I hope he has a good whistle.  The recent barring of five-hundred or so Sunni-Ba’athist affiliated candidates from participation in the coming March election has given rise to speculation of another Sunni uprising.

Not even the Great O, The Commander In Chief himself, could arrange a truce in the sectarian war that has raged for some twelve Centuries throughout the World of Islam over the rightful ascension to Muslim leadership following Muhammad’s death in 632 A.D.  It can only be  ignorance or a total lack of understanding of  Islam’s history that makes Obama believe that his VP can don the striped jersey and throw down a yellow flag.

From Liz Sly of the Los Angeles Times comes the story:

“Reporting from Baghdad – Vice President Joe Biden flew into Baghdad on Friday night with a mission to ease rising tensions over the barring of hundreds of mostly secular candidates from Iraq’s upcoming elections…

Really?  Secular as in atheist or agnostic?  We’re to believe that Sunni Muslims are secular?  That’s an interesting take. Iran is a Shiite Muslim State. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim State. Both operate under Sharia, or Muslim Law.

…Biden’s national security advisor Antony Blinken said the vice president would offer no specific proposals to resolve the controversy, but would emphasize the Obama administration’s concern that the electoral process should be transparent and inclusive…

Ah, yes.  There’s that Obama transparency stuff again.  I feel better now.

…The current government, dominated by Shiite Muslim religious parties, has rushed to lend its support to the ban, but U.S. officials say they have detected signs that some leaders are starting to have second thoughts about the potentially divisive move.

As if Sunni Muslims are really not religious Muslims.  No Koran perhaps?  No Mosques?  Hmmm.

“They’re extremely focused on the problem and seem to be focused on resolving it,” Blinken said.

Well, now that we’re all focused on the problem, let’s all take a look at Islam 101 and find out what’s really going on.  And while we’re at it, let’s crack open one of Robert Spencer’s books, such as “The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and The Crusades”. Think of Sunni vs. Shiite like the legendary feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys here in The United States, but about twelve-hundred years longer with a cast of millions. Carry on Mr. Referee VP  Throw the yellow flag and walk off a fifteen yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.   See what happens.

Meanwhile, it’s on to Afghanistan and Yemen.

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