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Time Magazine angry at NewsReal’s take on Air America Collapse

Posted on January 22 2010 12:47 pm
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Few people should be surprised that Time Magazine would disagree with NewsReal (NRB).  The magazine has not been known for being fair and balanced as of late.  Anyone who has seen their Obama covers, read their 2008 election coverage (which included a gushing article on falling in love with Michelle Obama), or who noticed one of Time’s few news partners is the Huffington Post knows they are a true friend of the Left.

With the death of left-wing Air America, Time put NewsReal’s coverage of the radio networks collapse in their cross hairs. Time attacks the Right’s response to Air America’s demise, but only mentions and attempts to counter NRB.

You can find the story here, but I will quote the section (side note: Time failed to link our story so readers could see it for themselves) Time wrote on my Air America article for NRB:

“The Right couldn’t wait to crow over the corpse, and read grand omens in its entrails. “The passing of Air America is another reminder that our nation is center right,” wrote Paul Cooper on David Horowitz’s Newsreal web site, “and the ideas of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi will never take root in this great country.” Really? Since Rush Limbaugh established himself as a radio phenomenon in 1991, and spawned a new genre of political talk (including Air America), the country has elected two Democrats to the U.S. Presidency in three of the last five elections. The party runs the House of Representatives and misruns the Senate. To these factors, the radio dominance of Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage is as irrelevant as the failure of Air America. Radio spielers don’t shape legislative policy.” – Time

There are a few things wrong about Time’s response.  First of all, they pretend that I argue that “radio spielers…shape legislative policy.”  I never make that argument.  My point was not that radio talkers shape policy, but that the refusal of Americans to listen to Air America proves the country does not like the ideas (and yes policies) of the far Left.  I did not even suggest that Rush or Hannity have been shaping legislative policy.

Time also suggests that I’m wrong about the direction of our country, because “the country has elected two Democrats to the U.S. Presidency in three of the last five elections.”  Surely the author of the Time piece, Richard Corliss, knows that Bill Clinton’s eight years in office are known for center-right policies.  Clinton’s one attempt at Statism was Hillarycare and was a massive failure.  Anyone who knows recent political history knows that after the failure of socialized medicine and the Democrat election collapse of 1994, Bill Clinton shifted to conservative principles like welfare reform and balanced budgets. That’s how he won big in 1996 – not because he was attempting the kind of policies Nancy Pelosi now promotes.

The other Democrat president elected in the Rush era is Barack Obama.  We all know Obama ran by appealing to the middle and not the lefties.  In fact, the only time his well-ran campaign faltered was when Obama went off script and made statements about redistribution of wealth or Americans clinging to their guns and religion.  And the major statist policy that Obama has pushed, Obamacare, is collapsing in the light of the recent Massachusetts special election.

The final problem with the Time article is that Corliss desperately wants to defend Air America against my claims that they failed, but then has to spend the rest of his article talking about their failure to produce results in their leftist agenda.  Corliss goes on to talk about how Air America failed to get John Kerry elected, failed to stop the Iraq war, and failed to get radio talkers who could carry a sustained audience.

“Whether the hosts were sparkling or not-so-hot, whether the liberal debate was about the crimes of George Bush or the weakness of Obama, Air America flailed, and finally failed, while right-wing radio flourished.” – Time

Time’s Corliss clearly loved his Air America.  His article reports with passion about different radio personalities he enjoyed that 99% of Americans have never heard of.  He laments that the liberal radio voice has “lost its voice, forever.”  Yet with all his adulation for Air America, and his hatred for NewsReal’s take on their failure, he ends up having to agree with my main point – not only has Air America failed but so have the leftist policies they pushed.

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