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Michelle Bachmann Whups Air-Bag Arlen Specter On Talk Radio Show

My mother was a puncher when she needed to punch.  She swung a mean left hook and blacked more than one eye during her youth. Horrified, her older sister Audrey ran into my grandmother’s home one day, screaming, “Mother, Mary Elizabeth is down on the tennis court trading punches with some boy!”

Righty Rep. Michelle Bachmann got into it in a big way over tax-cuts vs. the federal takeover of private industry with Lefty Senator Arlen Specter on 1210 The Big Talker. Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano was the referee.  Bachmann won by a TKO in the first round.  Specter, yelling, stammering, blustering, then almost whining as Bachmann refused to obey his orders to stop interrupting him and “act like a lady” (read that:  Shut up, little girl!), got hit with a lightning-quick flurry.  He was out of his class and outmatched in this one.

Bachmann does not hesitate to fight like Lefties have historically dominated Righties during media debates, by talking over and steam rolling them.  Specter was caught completely with his guard down as she opened up on him.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Warning – brutal audio broadcast follows.  You might want to send the children out of the room while you  listen to the entire beating here:

Specter: Will you stop interrupting?

Bachmann: Well, you asked me a question…

Specter: (interrupting) Well, I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t interrupt you.

Bachmann:  …and I’m a job creator.

Specter: Now, this is beginning to sound like a ah TV talk show.  Ah, I asked you a question as to what you voted for.  And you didn’t say anything bec- you didn’t you didn’t …

Bachmann: (interrupting)  I voted for prosperity.

Specter: …Now, wait a minute.  I’ll stop and you can talk.

Bachmann: Okay.

Specter: I’ll treat you like a lady, so act like one.

Bachmann: Well, I I am a lady…

Specter: (interrupting)  My question to you was what did you vote for?

Bachmann: I, I voted for prosperity.  I didn’t vote for the government takeover of  private industry…

The audacity of a female actually talking back to the pompous Senator is too much for Specter.  He was yelling.  Bachmann was calmly debating.  This lady Michelle Bachmann knows how to fight.  She’s quick on her feet.  She’s smart.  She keeps her cool during the battle.  And she hits hard.  Bachmann won this one hands down.

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