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It’s Time To De-Glamorize Totalitarian Leftist Murderers Like Che

Posted on January 22 2010 8:06 pm
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Too many Americans admire leftist totalitarian mass murderers and too many Americans don’t know about the horrors these merciless killers have inflicted on humanity, Glenn Beck argued in his TV documentary aired today, “The Revolutionary Holocaust.”

This tolerance of brutal leftist monsters allows today’s progressives, whose ideas have the same intellectual pedigree as communism and fascism, to get away with murder, so to speak. In other words, this permissive environment allows left-wingers to openly flaunt their admiration of brutal mass murderers such as Che Guevara and Mao Zedong without getting called on it. This failure to challenge these ugly misanthropic ideas in a sense confers a degree of respectability on leftism in general.

Beck summed up the thrust of the film while previewing it yesterday:

Progressives knew a hundred years ago you can’t win a battle against our Founding Fathers. Progressives had to change the course of history by changing history itself. If you can convince people that killers are cool and get them to wear a tee shirt you’ll win their hearts and minds. People in this country have done more than buy a cool tee shirt. Many Americans have drunk the Kool Aid.

He added, “The dirty little secret that communists, Marxists, and progressives don’t want you to know is their system has never ever worked. And not only has it never worked, it has led to some of the most horrifying outcomes in history.”

Assisted by intellectuals like Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism, Beck argued that the leftist impulse gave rise both to Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin who were, in essence, flip sides of the same coin: “The Nazis versus the Communists was akin to Coca Cola versus Pepsi.”

In fact, in Hitler’s early days German Communists supported the Nazi program. “Brown before red,” was their thinking in that Communists believed Nazi-style fascism had enough in common with communism that it could serve as a stepping stone to usher in a new workers’ paradise.

To paraphrase what Goldberg has previously argued when comparing the two totalitarian systems that are almost identical, apart from the occasional genocidal mass murder what’s not for leftists to love about fascism? Both fascism and communism redistributed wealth, imposed command economies, promoted fairness and equality and “social justice,” and so on. Leftists don’t believe in individual rights so why wouldn’t they love a system that subordinates the individual to the all powerful state?

Yet in today’s culture Nazism and fascism are relentlessly condemned while communism is praised by some and tolerated by others. Communism is thought of as a well-intentioned idea, even if it didn’t work out so well in practice, and so people who support it or condone it are treated with kid gloves because surely they mean well.

I was disappointed that Beck didn’t make a stronger connection between prominent liberals today who admire leftist totalitarians. He correctly pointed out that crackpot Anita Dunn, who was President Obama‘s White House communications director until recently, is a huge admirer of Mao Zedong, but he did little more to connect the dots.

There are so many Americans who admire leftist totalitarians yet they are almost never stigmatized because of their abhorrent beliefs. What of Van Jones? Oliver StoneBill Ayers? Michael Ratner? Jeff Jones?

Perhaps Beck will do some more dot-connecting in a future broadcast.

I agree with Michael van der Galien that the documentary “would have benefited from focusing a bit more on what leftists are doing today, what their goals and their weapons are, how they are trying to rewrite history, and what it’ll mean if they win this battle for the heart and soul of Western culture.”

(Michael van der Galien has done an excellent job providing running commentary on “The Revolutionary Holocaust” — see his posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.)

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