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ACORN Nut Sues The Whistleblowers

Posted on January 22 2010 2:30 pm
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Katherine Conway-Russell, ACORN Director in Philadelphia [Capture from Giles/O’Keefe video]

Imagine if two police officers went undercover in order to infiltrate a ruthless Hispanic gang responsible for smuggling child sex slaves into the country. Now imagine that these police officers not only got evidence of conspiracy to commit said smuggling of child sex slavery, but they got it on tape for the world to see. In a major crime bust, the police swoop in and drag the entire gang into lockup as the media lauds the crackdown of the sex slave ring. The police are commended and awarded with merit and toasted by law enforcement.

Now imagine that these child sex slave trafficking lowlifes, after lengthy consultations with their blood-sucking predatory lawyers, descend on these honorable officers and sue them for defamation of character and the dissemination of illegally obtained recordings in a manner calculated to harm and injure. Sound impossible? Unrealistic? A bad episode of Law and Order?

Not so. That is almost exactly what is happening to Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe III, the two independent filmmakers who were behind the incredible whistleblowing series of videos that exposed ACORN for the corrupt and fraudulent entity it is. The videos were so devastating that Congress moved on the “Defund ACORN Act”, and the California Chapter officially split from their scandal-plagued national brothers.

But the filmmakers are now facing a lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia by an ACORN employee featured in one of the films. In the film in question, Giles poses as a prostitute seeking to traffic in underage prostitutes from El Salvador, while O’Keefe acts as her pimp, who is running for Congress and wishes to launder the profits from the prostitution into his campaign for election.

The plaintiff, Katherine Conway-Russell, who appears in the first video in the Philadelphia office, claims that Giles and O’Keefe,

“purportedly sought information regarding housing and mortgage opportunities in Philadelphia, but were in reality imposters who deliberately and surreptitiously created video and audio recordings in an attempt to discredit plaintiff Conway-Russell and ACORN Housing Corporation,” and that they subsequently “disseminated the illegally obtained recordings in a manner calculated to harm and injure” Katherine Conway-Russell.

“Discredit” the plaintiff? Anybody who watches the videos by the pair know that ACORN and their agents managed to do that entirely themselves. Any reasonable person confronted by a prostitute and a pimp asking for information on the correct way to launder child sex slave money into the United States would have, at the very least, told them that they could not aid and abet criminal activity. But far from doing so, the videos revealed that there is a systemic and, indeed, an ideological will in ACORN, to defy and manipulate those laws which prohibit such activities.

The plaintiff also alleges that the actions of the pair was illegal, based on a Pennsylvania statute which makes it a third degree felony to record any conversation with a person who is not aware and consenting to the recording. Ms.Conway-Russell will use the “Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act” to claim damages for the violation, including punitive damages and the costs of the related litigation.

If it sounds unjust, it’s because it is. The idea that this publicly-funded criminal enterprise that poses as an organization that advocates for low-income families, would try to use the evidence that revealed said enterprise as being one that advocates instead for the trafficking of child sex slaves, in order to sue the people who exposed them, isn’t just morally reprehensible, but the most disgusting manipulation of laws that were never intended to shield criminals.

This is the second such ridiculous lawsuit, with the first being one filed in September 2009 by ACORN itself against the filmmakers and Andrew Breitbart. His website has been an important portal in exposing ACORN’s widespread fraud and abuse.

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