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The Left Doesn’t Mind Terrorism For A Good Cause

Posted on January 21 2010 8:30 am
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SEIU members aren’t Nazis but they sure seem to enjoy beating up their opponents.

The left has long favored terror and violence as a means of affecting change in society.

“We need to make ample use of terror,” said the infamous Felix Dzerzhinsky, V.I. Lenin’s internal security chief.

Marxist and terrorist sympathizer Naomi Klein called for riots at the GOP convention in New York City in 2004. To Klein, violence aimed at Republicans is noble.

So when leftists in polite society condemn left-wing terrorism, it’s usually halfhearted because they believe that if the goals are noble, anything goes. Terrorists, despite their violent tactics, are simply misunderstood, they feel.

On the left there is a presumption of good intentions by fellow-traveling terrorists. As left-wing talk radio host Thom Hartmann told me: “My left-wing crazies are better than your right-wing crazies.”

Hartmann explained

Your right-wing crazies are incited to violence based on fear and hate of people because of whom they are, because they’re gay, because they’re Catholic, because they’re Jewish, because they’re black, because they’re Hispanic. And our left-wing crazies are incited to violence because they’re trying to create a better world. They’re trying to save the environment in the case of the eco-terrorists. They’re trying to end the Vietnam War in the case of the Weather Underground. They’re trying to bring about civil rights in the case of the Symbionese Liberation Army and some of the other black terrorist groups that were operating in the 1970s. [emphasis added]

Maybe this is why examples of left-wing thuggery have gone ignored by the left.

Two recent examples of left-wing domestic terrorism caught on videotape come to mind: the violent attack by SEIU goons on Kenneth Gladney and the New Black Panther Party incident in Philadelphia.

Kenneth Gladney was beaten up by purple shirt-wearing thugs outside a Missouri healthcare townhall meeting last year for the crime of daring to sell “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. The attack “met all the classic definitions of a hate crime. Time was, the beating of a black man outside a protest rally, and the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators, would be headline news,” editorialized Investor’s Business Daily.

An eyewitness to the attack said the perpetrators were “union thugs” whose shirts read “Organizing for America” on the back and “SEIU” on the front.

Then there was the vote suppression and voter intimidation committed by members of the New Black Panther Party. Eric Holder‘s Justice Department dropped the civil rights lawsuit against the individuals involved even though there was overwhelming evidence.

Members of the radical group dressed in paramilitary uniforms and one waved a nightstick outside a Philadelphia polling station. “Poll watchers also reported that they were hurling racial epithets at elderly voters, some of whom were quite afraid,” according to reports.

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