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Specter tells Bachmann to “Act like a lady” as he acts like a Sexist.

Posted on January 21 2010 4:51 pm
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Maybe Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) became a Democrat so he could get away with being sexist.  I mean if Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and Bill Clinton are allowed to make racist sounding statements as Democrats, why can’t he demean a Congresswoman for all the world to hear?

The Left loves to call Republicans racist and sexist for no apparent reason.  If you watched Keith Olbermann this week you saw him make those claims every night about Scott Brown with absolutely no evidence to back up his accusations.  Recently Harry Reid and Bill Clinton were revealed to have  made pretty racial statements, but were offered a pass.  I wonder if Arlen Specter will get the same treatment after how he treated Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota today?  And would he have gotten a pass for his behavior if he was still a Republican?  I think not.

What did he say?

“I’ll treat you like a lady, so act like one…Don’t interrupt me, I didn’t interrupt you.  Act like a lady.” – Arlen Specter to Michele Bachmann

Specter and Bachmann were having a back and forth discussion on ‘The Big Talker’ radio station in Pennsylvania today when this exchange took place.  In the audio you hear Bachmann interrupted by the interviewer and then you hear Specter attack Bachmann and even talks about a question he asked her.  When Bachmann attempts to respond she gets scolded by the elder Specter for not acting like a lady.

The exchange was both awkward and atrocious.  Thankfully Bachmann handled herself with grace.  I think I might have punched him in the nose.  If women’s groups don’t jump on this one then they lose all credibility.  Specter is clearly talking down to Bachmann as a woman.  He is demeaning her.  Those on the Right have been called sexists for far less.

As Politico rightly pointed out:

“Bachmann is hardly a beloved figure in Democratic circles. But how many liberal women, whom Specter badly needs to defeat front-running Paul Toomey, would appreciate being told to “act like a lady” by a male debate partner?”

It is time for people to realize that the progressive party isn’t so progressive.  It is filled with power hungry leaders who take the votes both of African-Americans and women for granted.  Specter should immediately apologize for his behavior.  You cannot hide behind your new found party.

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