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Send A Drone To ACLU Headquarters

Posted on January 21 2010 10:34 am
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Bill O’Reilly joked the other night on “The Factor” that maybe the American Civil Liberties Union deserves a drone visit of its own, after mentioning the ACLU’s latest lawsuit regarding the predator drones being employed in Pakistan.

According to Fox News’ legal expert Kimberly Guilfoyle:

The ACLU wants President Obama to tell them everything in  terms of civilian casualties and our criteria for these predator drone attacks. This is unbelievably foolhardy and jeopardizes our national security.

Now before we hear howls from the Left that O’Reilly is calling for a military strike against the ACLU, he made it clear that he was, of course, just joking.  But the underlying issue of an organization, which benefits from tax-exempt donations, aiding and giving comfort to our enemies is no laughing matter.

The ACLU lawsuit may not get very far if the Obama administration stands up to the ACLU for once and does not voluntarily provide them with the information they are demanding, as it did with the Bush administration enhanced interrogation memos. That’s unlikely, considering that Attorney General Eric Holder is cut out of the same cloth as the ACLU. And we do have some looney judges who may entertain the lawsuit, no matter what dangers to our national security would follow as a result.

We need to put an end to these dangerous lawsuits by penalizing the ACLU and its like-minded groups that insist on litigating the right of the United States to defend itself against enemies sworn to our destruction.  So the first drone that I would recommend sending to ACLU headquarters, metaphorically speaking,  is a lawsuit to challenge their entire organization’s tax-exempt status. The ACLU’s political propagandizing permeates the entire organization and makes them ineligible for special tax treatment under IRS rules. No juggling of activities among its various affiliates to get around the law will change the fundamental anti-American, pro terrorists’ rights character of the ACLU as a whole.

Activities verging on treason should be outlawed, not subsidized by the American taxpayers.

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