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Chris Matthews’ Special “Obama’s America 2010 and Beyond” or America in Black and White

Posted on January 20 2010 5:05 pm
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Racism is alive and well in America. The Left keeps that monster well fed, and hidden deep within the closets of the Democratic Party.

On a day when America was supposed to honor the life and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Chris Matthews and Tom Joyner hosted the MSNBC special Obama’s America 2010 and Beyond. A much more appropriate title would have been America in Black and White–Keep the Dream and Ignore the Reality.

Predictably, rather than focusing on the content of Obama’s character, his agenda and accomplishments the panel tried to breathe life back into racism.

While Matthews initially seemed excited that times had truly changed for Americans of color since the days of MLK, his enthusiasm and encouragement seemed to fall on deaf ears. Each panel that lined the stage, with only a few exceptions, regurgitated the stale rhetoric that the black community has been spoon fed by the Left for decades.

It was a frustrating two hour spectacle.

Greg Lewis exposes the left’s hidden racism in the American Thinker:

Reid, Holder, and Obama all cling to deeply racist convictions, not only in branding those who disagree politically with them as racist, but also in their own attitudes toward African-Americans, whom they implicitly see as inferior to whites and “light-skinned” blacks. Their selective condemnation of “racism” by their opponents is deeply disturbing because it reveals, without their apparently being aware of it, that they themselves harbor the same racist convictions as those they excoriate for being racist.”

I would add to that, the dismissal even demonetization of any accomplishments of black Americans who don’t hold their ideology is also deeply rooted in racism.

“In their cynical exploitation of blacks through accusations of racism for political gain, contemporary liberals are following in the footsteps of leftist predecessors dating back to the 1920s with the publication of communist activist Josef Pogàny’s pamphlet, ‘American Negro Problems.’”

“Thus was introduced into blacks’ struggle for equality in this country the cynical overlay of their cause’s being used to advance the agenda of the ruthless and imperialistic political movement that communism was rapidly becoming.”

“…by the left’s shameless use of them to promote not racial understanding, but the advancement of their anti-capitalist agenda.”

This administration is the most explicit example of this we have yet to see.

Obama’s dream of a socialistic America in 2010 is a far cry from Dr. King’s dream of freedom.

It’s fitting that Matthews’ special aired on the eve of another “historic” election, where in many ways, the content of the character in Washington was judged and rejected.

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