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Mass. Senate Shift Shakes Up Moderate Democrats, Not Time to Gamble on Obamacare

Posted on January 19 2010 11:48 pm
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All the leftist talking heads are saying double down on health care after Scott Brown won Massachusetts.  We now know that many moderate Democrats aren’t going to listen to that advice and are considering picking up their chips before they lose it all.

It’s time for the Democrats to choose if they are going to listen to pundits or the people. Congressmen in the fly over states better get the message or start packing their bags. Thankfully some of them are.

“Moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren’t buying our message.  They just don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems. That’s something that has to be corrected.”-Evan Bayh (D-In.)

Bayh is in a conservative state and stands to lose his senate seat if he doesn’t start listening to the people. He has always presented himself as moderate but up until this point has been voting Obamacare in.  The voters in Massachusetts have clearly gotten his attention.

There are rumors that Democrat leadership will delay seating Brown as a Senator so they can vote health care before he serves.  That is political suicide and thankfully some Democrats are catching on.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) said it “would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Brown is seated.”

One of the leading voices in support of Obamacare has been Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York.  He summarizes what I hope the majority of Democrats will soon accept.

“I don’t think it would be the worst thing to take a step back and say we are going to pivot to do a jobs thing…If there isn’t any recognition that we got the message and we are trying to recalibrate and do things differently, we are not only going to risk looking ignorant but arrogant.” – Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)

“When there’s trouble in Massachusetts, there’s trouble everywhere and they [Democrats] know it. One thing is clear, people do not want the trillion dollar healthcare plan that is being forced on the American people.”
Let’s hope more and more Democrats really do know it.
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