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Liberalism Is Dead

Posted on January 19 2010 5:08 pm
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Leftists killed it.

The l-word still has a positive flavor from the old days, when it meant tolerance, open-mindedness, and the active defense of freedom. That’s how JFK used it. Barack Obama is not a liberal; he is a third-world Socialist of the really angry kind. Obama has been surrounded by enraged Leftists from childhood on, including those crucial four years of living in Indonesia right after the whole Communist Party was wiped out by the Indonesian military under General Sukarno. That’s Obama’s real experience of the world outside of Hawaii. Ever since then, Obama has chosen to be surrounded by anti-Western, anti-liberal Leftists. Jeremiah Wright is perfectly typical of Obama’s crowd. Obama is mentally the most fixated president we’ve had for a century, because he has never bothered to look outside of his Hard Leftist circle. He doesn’t know any normal people…sort of like the New York Times Editorial Board or the Faculty of Harvard.

A big chunk of the Left has always despised liberalism anyway. Marx and Lenin made a big thing out of sneering at soppy liberals. Those are the kinds of folks who raised and befriended Barry Soetoro. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were never liberals. They’re maybe New Left Mao Zedong-worshipers, or some such thing.

Read the whole thing at the American Thinker.

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