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Desperate Democrats Try to Save Obamacare

Posted on January 19 2010 8:56 am
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Facing a potentially devastating defeat in the special Massachusetts Senatorial election today, the Democrats are putting on a show to rival “The Desperate Housewives.”  They know that a win by Republican Scott Brown would eliminate their 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and imperil Obamacare just as it was on the verge of final passage.

Calling in President Obama to save the day has apparently not done a thing to help Martha Coakley.  So expect some cheating today. As Sean Hannity pointed out on “Hannity’s America” last night, there are over 165,000 dead people still on the voting roster in Massachusetts.  Also, more than 500,000 who have moved out of Massachusetts are also still on the books.  And then there is always ACORN to help steal an election.

If  Scott Brown does win, the Democrats are reportedly planning to delay his seating long enough to squeeze through Obamacare.  As Nancy Pelosi said yesterday:

Let’s remove all doubt, we will have healthcare one way or another

If trying to obstruct the will of the people of Massachusetts doesn’t work, the desperate Democrats have a couple of other tricks up their sleeves.

One of them is to use the ‘reconciliation’ process reserved for budgetary and tax-related matters, which would require only a simple majority vote in the Senate and thus avoid the filibuster threat altogether.  It is true that Obamacare is a budget buster and will raise our taxes, but it also contains alot of social engineering that the reconciliation process has nothing to do with.   Lets see how honest the Senate parliamentarian turns out to be.  I’m not holding my breath.

If reconciliation does fail, the Democrats’ second trick is to avoid another Senate vote altogether and have the House approve the version that the Senate already passed on Christmas Eve.  However, between the unresolved abortion issue and likely union opposition if the payoff they negotiated last week is not included in the final legislation, House passage of the original Senate bill is a Hail Mary pass.

But leave it to Pelosi and Harry Reid, with Mr. Non-Transparency Barack Obama, to find some way to ride herd over the popular will.

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