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If It’s Close In Massachusetts, Expect ACORN To Lead Vote Fraud Effort

Posted on January 18 2010 8:30 am
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Perhaps there’s some hope after all for America after the national suicide attempt in November 2008 that led to the election of the disastrous radical leftist Barack Obama as president.

By electing Republican Scott Brown as the 41st Senate vote against ObamaCare, voters in Massachusetts –of all places– have an opportunity on Tuesday to turn back the Democrats‘ aggressively socialist juggernaut that is destroying America as we know it.

When perennially risk-averse political prognosticators like Charlie Cook say that Republicans could grab the seat in the longtime liberal stronghold of Massachusetts, you know something serious is happening.

“The Democrats are in full freak-out mode now,” Michelle Malkin told guest host Eric Bolling on the “Glenn Beck Program” Friday. Said Malkin

I think that there’s something exquisitely poetic about this taking place in Massachusetts. After years worth of the burgeoning tea party movement, for it to happen in the home where the shot was heard around the world, this is an entirely new shot heard around the world. The fact is that — I mean, there are conservatives across the country who’ve united behind this candidate who promises to be the 41st vote to stop this Dem-care take over and to really send a huge message against the bribes, the payoffs, the backroom deals, the Chicago way on the Potomac.

Could Massachusetts become the birthplace of a new revolution, just as it gave birth to the first revolution? We’ll see.

Then there’s always the possibility of massive electoral fraud by ACORN. Note that ACORN national president Maude Hurd herself resides in Dorchester, Mass., and ACORN is actively involved in the get out the vote effort in the Bay State.

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