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Heckled Hard, Obama’s Stump is Strained in Boston as Haiti’s Hell’s on Hold

Posted on January 18 2010 3:00 pm
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President Obama carefully weighed his options this weekend. On the front of his desk were The Health of Obamacare and The Health of Haiti.  On this day, our president judged Obamacare to be in more urgent need of his surgical superintendency. Haiti can Waiti. At this point, he had already dispatched Hillary, and he has directed generous US tax dollars to assist the devastated Island nation.

New Orleans, I mean, Haiti, will be there when he gets back to the office. And you have to believe that he felt comforted knowing  that Israel has set up an actual hospital in Port Au Prince to care for the many injured and dying thousands there. We’re all still waiting for the Islamic nations that Obama has so glowingly praised on the world stage for their incalculable gifts to civilization to finally weigh themselves in with a little Haitian relief. Like something…anything.

But President Obama must be acknowledged for doing the right thing, offering financial aid to Haiti. He didn’t ask me, but I approve. Perhaps this marks the first time in Obama’s year-long reign of wild Washington spending when the entire nation actually accedes to his directorship of their dollars. And why is that? Because that’s what we do here in the USA.  Indeed, that is precisely what this  “downright mean country” has always done, Mrs. Obama. In case anyone happens to be concerned with our image, it should be further noted, particularly to the DNC and the White House staff before their next inclination to apologize, that America’s humanitarian and relief generosity is unmatched in the history of this entire planet.

Well, despite the ill advised trip to Boston, Obama made his executive decision and went there anyway. You have to figure that the president realized after so many campaign gaffes by Coakley, from the misspelling of Massachusetts on a TV campaign ad, to her stating that there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan , to calling Curt Schilling a Yankee fan , to dissing Scott Brown for shaking peoples’ hands in the freezing cold outside of Fenway Park, she needed some powerful help. At her gaffe-rate the people in the commonwealth might think she was running for Joe Biden’s office. Therefore, like Harvey Keitel’s character in “Pulp Fiction” , Obama saw his task as “The Cleaner.” This was a dirty job and Obama knew it was his.  After all, how could he count on his ranking Democrats when even some of them were gaffe prone, like Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) for example, who stated,

“…you know we have a lot of digging to do, but some work needs to be done and this president’s in the process of doing it and we need to get Marcia Coakley to help him to do that.”

Her name is Martha. To be fair to Mr. Kennedy, I’m sure he must have been confusing her name with the famous Kennedy Mansion on Marcia’s Vineyard as he repeatedly made this obvious error .

On the same night, as Scott Brown spoke to a packed auditorium, less than a full house attended Obama’s stump rally for Martha Coakley.  Fearlessly, Mr. Obama commanded the microphone before the Coakley supporters as she smiled nervously at his side, hands clasped together. But the interruptions were loud and frequent. Obama had to pause, begin, pause again, stutter a bit, laugh nervously, and move away from camera view until the crowd settled down. At one point, his speech was completely stopped by a heckler who was shouting while holding up a sign that read “Jesus Loves All Babies.”

Imagine someone with the audacity of attempting to publicly make such an absurd statement.  And in Massachusetts, in America, no less. The heckler’s sign was taken from him, he was restrained, and police security forcefully escorted him away as the Coakley supporters wildly applauded in approval of his forced censorship. Thank God, huh?

Things got pretty ugly out there for The Commander in Chief on this cold night in the Commonwealth. Perhaps these gaffes are symptomatic of some strange pandemic, mutant virus , that seeks Democrats as opportune hosts. For even Barack Obama, the Greatest Statesman of our Nation’s history, was not immune. Throughout his speech, Mr. Obama spoke obsessively about pick-up trucks. Pick-up trucks, of all things, he kept referencing pick-up trucks. Referring to Scott Brown, Obama said,

He’s driving his truck around the commonwealth. And he says that, he’ll, you know, that he gets you – that he’ll fight for you – that he’ll be an independent voice. I don’t know, he might be a nice guy. So I hear her opponent is calling himself an independent. Well, you’ve gotta look under the hood.”

And then I finally snapped. It was because Scott Brown owns a pick-up truck and used it throughout most of his campaign to carry yard signs and to get himself around town to meet with and speak with the people. So it seems the crafty Mr. Obama made these references to mock and belittle Scott Brown for being a pick-up truck driver, and not someone with a sophisticated, proven, track record for fighting for the working people. Apparently most democrats agree that owning a pick-up truck is symbolic for people who cling to their guns and religion. Could it be that Mr. Obama is not aware that pick-up trucks are GM’s biggest sellers? Or that pick-up truck owners constitute a huge chunk of the voting population? The president went on to say,

“Now, more than ever, you don’t need just another politician that just talks the talk… Right now we need somebody who’s got a proven track record.”

We’re in tough economic times right now. People are frustrated and they’re angry, and they have every right to be, I understand. And it can’t come fast enough for people who need help right now – today.

(Achhhh….Haiti!!! )


(Thank you)

President Barack Obama apparently missed the memo that was sent directly from the Brave-Hearted Breast of Sir Scott of Brown of the Commonwealth, advising him to  “Stay Out of Massachusetts!” Today, I bet he wishes he’d paid more attention. But then again, what can you expect from a Democratic party in such shock over the Bluest of States romantically flirting with an unknown Republican who says insanely heretical things like,

“Taxpayer money should be used to fight terrorists, not on lawyers to defend them?”

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