Rhonda Robinson

Dems Too High on Their Own Stuff, Couldn’t Read the Writing on the Walls

Posted on January 18 2010 3:15 pm
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Everyone knows the rules of breaking the rules. Little ditties like “Don’t get high on your own supply” and “Don’t believe your own press” remind crooks and cons how to stay off the path of destruction.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, like the drug dealer that got strung out on his own wares, congress was so hooked on its own power and blinded by a perpetual state of denial, that they couldn’t read the writing on the wall—“we don’t like your socialist agenda!”

Yet, still believing their own hype, that Americans wanted government run health care, they couldn’t grasp the fact that it really was average people that showed up at the town hall meetings angry—at them.

Nor could they believe that the Tea Party phenomena was a real grassroots movement, inspired by dissatisfaction in a socialistic congress and the new administration’s leftist agenda.

Robert Kuttner co-editor of The American Prospect, wrote in the Huffington Post yesterday,  “How could the health care issue have turned from a reform that was going to make Barack Obama ten feet tall into a poison pill for Democratic senators?”

The simple answer: It always was a poison pill, coated in leftist lies and the democrats swallowed it.


“Whether or not Martha Coakley squeaks through in Massachusetts on Tuesday, the health bill has already done incalculable political damage and will likely do more. Polls show that the public now opposes it by margins averaging ten to fifteen points, and widening. It is hard to know which will be the worse political defeat — losing the bill and looking weak, or passing it and leaving it as a piñata for Republicans to attack between now and November.”

Kuttner asks:

“So, how did Democrats get saddled with this bill?”

“Begin with Rahm Emanuel. The White House chief of staff, who was once Bill Clinton’s political director, drew three lessons from the defeat of Clinton-care. All three were wrong. First, get it done early (Clinton’s task force had dithered.) Second, leave the details to Congress (Clinton had presented Congress with a fully-baked cake.) Third, don’t get on the wrong side of the insurance and drug industries (The insurers’ fictitious couple, Harry and Louise, had cleaned Clinton’s clock.)”

Kuttner blames Rahm’s strategy, rather than facing the fact that what has made this health care so toxic to the democrats is that they refuse to listen to the American people. They cling to their elitist philosophy, believe their own hype, and are convinced that they know what is best for the people and we are just too stupid to understand now and we will thank them later.

Reality can be a bitter pill to swallow.  In this case these dealers may find it’s also a fatal one.

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